Global box office: Bond advances to the global top 10 of 2021


For the second week in a row, the conversation revolved around four films at the global box office with Bond at the helm with No time to die, which adds up to $ 313 million global dollars; Venom: Carnage released ($ 185.6 million), Dune ($ 117.1 million, without reaching the US yet)… and The Battle At Lake Changjin, with $ 632.2 million global, that is, more than the three Hollywood films combined.

No time to die

In the United States (USA) the last installment with Daniel Craig debuted with $ 56.0 million, a figure in the expected range. Every day it is thought that James Bond plays in the league of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that is perhaps because it is referred to as Skyfall, the only film in the saga that reached the stratosphere of $ 1,108 million.

In fact, this is the daily range of the 007 saga and a similar one (Mission Impossible). As data: it is the 4th highest grossing film of Bond, behind Skyfall ($ 88.3 million), Specter ($ 70.4) and Quantum of Solace ($ 67.5), which is a feat considering that: 1) We are still in a pandemic (12% of theaters in the US and Canada are still closed) and 2) The movie lasts 2 hours 43 minutes, which reduces the number of screenings in cinemas and inhibits certain moviegoers.

bond locker

In Bond’s share of the global box office in 66 international markets, Agent 007’s 25th official installment totaled $ 89.54 million. In overseas markets where it debuted last week, it lost 36%. Thus, its accumulated grew to $ 257.2 ($ 313.3 global), but it still lacks two key countries: China and Australia.

Its best debuts were France ($ 10.1) and Russia ($ 5.0, while its top markets are the United Kingdom – obvious – with $ 71.0 million (it is the 4th biggest success of Universal), Germany ($ 32.7), Japan ($ 12.2), France ( $ 10.1) and the Netherlands ($ 8.5) .In similar markets, it carries better numbers than Specter and a little below Skyfall.

Venom: Carnage released

In the US, the sequel lost a spectacular 64%, added $ 32.0 million and accumulated $ 141.6 million. Is such a descent bad? No, especially if the competition is No time to die (as data, Black widow lost 68% and F9, 67%). Until now, Venom: Carnage released it runs with numbers identical to its predecessor, which is impressive … in a pandemic!

In 10,600 screens in 13 international markets it added $ 24.8 million, for a cumulative overseas of $ 43.9 million. His results were driven by his successful debut in Latin America, where he set a pandemic record, with $ 20 million, a figure just 15% below the 2018 film and higher than Shang chi (+ 164%), No time to die (+ 238%) and Fast 9 (+ 1%).

venom carnage movie released

Its best results were Mexico ($ 10.5), Brazil ($ 2.7) and Argentina ($ 1.0), and its most outstanding total is Russia ($ 23.9 million in 11 days). On Friday it will arrive in South Korea, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, India and Saudi Arabia, and next week, in France and Germany. Japan, as always, will wait longer, until December.


The adaptation totaled $ 8.8 million in 32 territories and accumulates $ 117.1 million (10% from IMAX screens). It fell 41% (which is remarkable, given that it faced strong competition) and in 11 days it will reach its largest territories: the US and China. Dune continues, in revenue, 12% above Tenet, 67% above Black widow and Shang chi and 91% of Blade Runner 2049. Its top markets are France ($ 24.2), Russia ($ 19.4), Germany ($ 15.7), Spain ($ 7.9) and Italy ($ 7.6). They could be joined by Japan, where it makes its debut this weekend.

The Battle At Lake Changjin

In 10 days, the ambitious official propaganda film adds $ 638 million, enough to become the 4th film that in 2021 surpasses the global $ 600 million and – incidentally – the 4th highest grossing in the history of China. This weekend it raised $ 108 million, and Maoyan anticipates that it could end with + $ 820 million, close to the highest grossing film of 2021: Hola Mama! ($ 841 million).

Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings

Thanks to the global $ 9.1 million it made this week, the MCU film became the 3rd Hollywood film to exceed the global $ 400 million, behind Fast and furious 9 and Godzilla vs Kong. To date it amounts to $ 401.6 million, of which $ 212.5 comes from the US and $ 189.1 from overseas markets.

Crazy Adams 2

In the US, it just lost 42% in its 2nd week, and accumulates $ 31.1 million in 10 days. In 13 international markets it advanced to $ 4.5 million, for a global total of $ 35.7 million. As a fact: its predecessor raised $ 203 million globally.

Other films on display

  • Lamb. The newest (ambitious studio) A24 debuted with $ 1.1 million in 583 US theaters. As a curious fact: it is the highest grossing Icelandic film in US history.
  • The Many Saints of Newark. The prequel to The Sopranos… It didn’t work. In the US it barely adds up to $ 7.4 million after 10 days in theaters, and overseas takes $ 2.9 million.
  • Free Guy: Losing control. After 9 weeks in the US, tomorrow it will exceed $ 120 million. Globally, it has already reached $ 326.0 million, of which $ 95.0 comes from China.
  • Dear evan hansen. In its 3rd week in theaters in the US, the hit musical totals $ 13.7 million. Just to compare: In the neighborhood it made $ 29.8 million, and Cats, $ 27.1 million.
  • Paw patrol. The film adaptation already goes to $ 121.8 million global, $ 4 million above the 2nd place annual animation of 2021 (Raya and the last dragon).
  • Candyman. In its 7th week, the remake reached $ 60.0 million in the US and $ 76.2 million globally. Its top markets: United Kingdom ($ 6.7), Spain ($ 1.0) and Russia ($ 0.7).
  • My Country, My Parents. The film that closes “The Nationalist Trilogy” accumulates a surprising figure ($ 183.7 million), but far from the previous films, which made + $ 400 million.
  • Met Opera: Boris Godunov. This is a big surprise. The film version of the event, present in 791 theaters in the US, added $ 0.38 million on Saturday alone.
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Top 10. Global box office
Weekend 41. From October 8 to 10, 2021

  1. No time to die $ 145,548,372 (67)
  2. The Battle at Lake Changjin $ 108,361,372 (1)
  3. Venom: Carnage released $ 56,800,000 (14)
  4. My Country, My Parents $ 19,626,093 (3)
  5. Crazy Addams 2 $ 14,580,040 (13)
  6. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings $ 9,100,000 (47)
  7. Dune $ 8,800,000 (32)
  8. Paw Patrol: The Movie $ 2,900,000 (56)
  9. The Many Saints of Newark $ 1,889,000 (13)
  10. Water Boys $ 1,000,000 (1)


Corollary: Disney picks up on what was lost

Disney reached $ 2,000 million globally, a sum that was basically achieved with seven films: Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings ($ 401.6 million), Black widow ($ 379), Free Guy: Losing Control ($ 327), Cruella ($ 233), Jungle cruise ($ 212), Raya and the last dragon ($ 130) and Soul ($ 105).

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