GIFF 2021: Know its programming and activities

Learn about the activities and programming of GIFF 2021. A year ago, in the midst of a pandemic scenario, the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) He came out ahead and brought us closer to a large number of films, tributes, lectures and activities. Now, in 2021, we are still facing the health crisis, but something that was very clear in the press conference led by Sarah Hoch, Executive Director of the festival, is that with the support of a large number of people it will be possible to replicate the great work always done. This said:

“I want to thank everyone who has joined in supporting this 2021 festival. It is not an easy task at the moment and without this support we would not have achieved the festival.”

With the slogan of being an inclusive space designed for those who love the seventh art, the twenty-fourth edition will be named after 24 frames per second, 24 years of life. In addition, it has been announced that, for the second time, the meeting will take place in a hybrid way in new and already known venues: León, from September 18 to 20; San Miguel de Allende, from September 21 to 23 and Irapuato from September 24 to 26.

However, those who cannot attend in person will have the GIFF option available On-line in Epicenter, which was a success in its last version. Inside of the Virtual campus Discussions will be held with a variety of speakers and filmmakers.

Other events that can be attended are the face-to-face conference entitled Guanajuato: a place of cinemaIn addition to the fact that, in coordination with the Secretary of Health of the State of Guanajuato, the platform Zero violence against women will be presented, whose spokesperson for this year will be Bárbara Mori, who will also premiere Stronger than fear, her directorial debut short film. The campaign will also be presented #YoMeCommitto Against Suicide, whose spokesperson will be the actor Luis Roberto Guzmán.

The inaugural film in León will be Swan song, by Todd Stephens, while in San Miguel de Allende the film that will start the activities will be Fire nightby Tatiana Huezo. Also, in Irapuato, the tape Frank days, by Ulises Pérez, will have its world premiere.

giff programming
Swan Song by Todd Stephens.

The projects chosen to be part of the GIFF 2021 program in its special exhibition are the one already mentioned Swan song and the movies Prisoner 13, by Fernando de Fuentes, Live life like Jazz, by Floria González and Summer whiteby Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson.

As if this were not enough, the twelfth edition of the University Rally.

Tributes and international guests

The international guests will be the German actor Udo Kier -Who will participate in a discussion on-line on his career – and the executive producer and director Norberto Barba -Who will participate in a masterclass which will also be held online.

On the other hand, the festival, in collaboration with Mujeres en el Cine y la Televisión de México, will recognize the actress Red mary, who will give a conference that will focus on his experience with national filmmakers. In addition, the career of the screenwriter will be celebrated Beatriz Novaro, who will also offer a conference in which he will offer notes on screenwriting. It is important to mention that, in order to celebrate the careers of both, the film will be presented Danzon, which was also directed by Maria Novaro.

giff programming
Within the framework of the Guanajuato International Film Festival, a tribute to the career of María Rojo will be held.

“In these complex times we need, more than ever, to reflect and enjoy life. That’s what cinema is for. Let’s all embrace, virtually, in this splendid Festival of Guanajuato ”, said María Novaro in a special appearance within the conference.

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In addition to this, another person who will be honored in the GIFF framework is Ernesto Herrera, president and co-founder of the event, whose death shocked the Mexican film industry in February of this year. For this reason, a photographic exhibition dedicated to his career will be presented, as well as the presentation of the play Messages, focused on his facet as a set designer. The installation El Bosque, a curator of your favorite short films, a virtual immersive experience and a videomapping dedicated to his career. In fact, it should be emphasized that during the presentation, special emphasis was placed on the fact that this edition of the Guanajuato International Film Festival would be entirely dedicated to the memory of Ernesto.

Check below the main categories of GIFF 2021 programming

Official Selection Feature Film – Mexico

Fire Nightor by Tatiana Huezo.
  • The Beautiful Vanquished, Guillermo Magariños, 2021, Mexico / Spain
  • National holiday, Augusto De Alba, 2021, Mexico
  • Guiexhuba, Sabrina Muhate, 2020, Mexico
  • Free Days, Ulises Pérez Mancilla, 2020, Mexico
  • What’s left on the way, Jakob Krese, Danilo Do
  • Carmo, 2021, Mexico / Germany
  • Look at me, Pavel Cantú, 2020, Mexico
  • Malibu, Víctor Velázquez, 2020, Mexico
  • Map of Latin American Dreams, Martín Weber, 2020, Mexico
  • Oblivion District, Thom Díaz, 2020, Mexico
  • Fire night, Tatiana Huezo, 2020, Mexico / Germany / Brazil

Official Selection Feature Film – International

Hiveby Blerta Basholli.
  • Governess, Simon Coulibaly Gillard, 2021, Belgium / France
  • Jenayat-E Bi Deghat (Careless Crime), Shahram Mokri, 2020, Iran
  • Fucking With Nobody, Hannaleena Hauru, 2020, Finland
  • Hive, Blerta Basholli, 2021, Kosovo
  • Madalena, Madiano Marcheti, 2020, Brazil
  • A Monde (Playground), Laura Wandel, 2021, Belgium
  • The motitos, Inés María Barrionuevo, María Gabriela Vidal, 2020, Argentina
  • Kun Maupay Man It Panahon (Whether the Weather is Fine), Carlo Francisco Manatad, 2021, France / Philippines / Singapore / Indonesia / Germany / Qatar

Documentary feature film – International

The Face of Anonymousby Gary Lang.
  • All Light, Everywhere, Theo Anthony, 2021, United States
  • Desert lights, Félix Blume, 2021, Mexico
  • Fire season, Quinn Else, 2021, United States
  • Happiness is a Journey, Patrick Bresnan, Ivete Lucas, 2021, United States
  • Jobs for All!, Maximilien Van Aer tr yck, Axel Danielson, 2021, Sweden
  • Joe buffalo, Amar Chebib, 2021, Canada
  • Little palestine, Journal D’un Assiégé (Little Palestine, Diary Of A Siege), Abdallah Al-Khatib, 2021, Lebanon / France / Qatar
  • Nanu Tudor (My Uncle Tudor), Olga Lucovnicova, 2020, Belgium / By tugal / Hungary / Moldova
  • Naya – Der Wald hat Tausend Augen (Naya), Sebastian Mulder, 2021, Netherlands
  • Barely the sun, Arami Ullón, 2020, Paraguay / Switzerland
  • Ostrov-Lost Island, Svetlana Rodina, Laurent Stoop, 2021, Switzerland
  • Rebel Objects, Carolina Arias Or tiz, 2021, Costa Rica / Colombia
  • Retour À Reims (Fragments) (Returning to Reims), Jean-Gabriel Périot, 2021, France
  • Son of Sodom, Theo Montoya, 2020, Colombia
  • Tabor, Stanislav Danylyshyn, 2020, Germany
  • The Big Headed Boy, Shamans & Samurais, Bibhusan Basnet, Pooja Gurung, 2020, Nepal / France
  • The Face of Anonymous, Gary Lang, 2020, Canada
  • The Scars of Ali Boulala, Max Eriksson, 2021, Sweden / Norway
  • VO, Nicolas Gourault, 2020, France
  • Deine Strasse (Your Street), Güzin Kar, 2020, Switzerland

Other selections that are part of the GIFF 2021 programming are Documentary Short Film, Animation Short Film, Animation Short Film, Experimental Short Film, Mexico Short Film, Children in Action, Guanajuato Short Film, Virtual Reality Short Film, Midnight Madness, Music + Cinema and Cinema Among the Dead.

He was also introduced to jury, which this time will feature 21 judges from 10 countries. Likewise, the first details about El Salón de la Crítica were given.

To learn more about the activities and programming of GIFF 2021, you can enter its official website, or consult the video ad, as well as this document with the complete schedule.

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