Ghost of Tsushima will be a movie with lots of love for fans


Chad Stahelski is calmly running the project, but anticipates that Ghost of Tsushima fans will be very happy.

The movie of Ghost of tsushima is one of the last confirmed adaptations to have the seal of PlayStation Productions. The director in charge of the project is neither more nor less than Chad Stahelski, filmmaker in charge of several installments of John Wick and a name that gained relevance within the action genre.

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In this context, the director anticipated in an interview with IGN that the development of the film is going at a fairly slow pace, but that what they have already worked on will be to the delight of fans of the game: “You already know how video game adaptations can go. So we are taking our time and doing it right. We are working very closely with the game developers to make sure we stick to what’s good.. “

Ghost of Tsushima movie

Ghost of tsushima, a PlayStation exclusive game, tells the story of Jin sakai, a samurai who must expel the Mongols who invaded and dominate the island of Tsushima, in a story that runs through honor, the samurai code, revenge and betrayal.

The adaptation does not yet have a release date or confirmed cast.

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