Gael García to star in Marvel Studios Halloween special


The Mexican Gael Garcia Bernal is on its way to starring in a future Halloween special, courtesy of Marvel Studios. New reports suggest that the winner of the Golden Globe will assume the main role of an upcoming show still lacking a title. It should be noted that at the moment there is no official information about the premise of the project or the nature of the main character. However, there are indications that this audiovisual will have a touch of lycanthropy.

This week, The Wrap exclusively released that Gael García Bernal will be at the service of Marvel Studios for an upcoming Halloween special. The House of Ideas would be contemplating starting filming in early 2022. Its premiere will take place on the platform of streaming Disney Plus, on a date yet to be defined, although it will clearly be in the season of sweets, scares and costumes.

According to the same medium, people familiar with the project pointed out that García Bernal’s role “could be based on Werewolf by Night«. It is the alter ego of two Marvel Comics characters who have Werewolf traits. The first of them debuted in the second issue of the comic series Marvel Spotlight, published in 1972. His real name is Jack Russell, who is a descendant of a line that has suffered from lycanthropy for centuries. Eventually, Russell acquires the ability to transform into a Werewolf at will, without the need for a full moon and even without losing his human consciousness during metamorphosis.

Just in 2020, a new series of comics arrived Werewolf by Night where Jake Gómez is the one who adopts that name. However, if Marvel Studios’ future Halloween special indeed builds on any of these lycanthropic versions, it seems more likely to be Jack Russell’s. Or at least it seems more profitable. After all, that primal character belonged to the same anthological comic series where Marc Spector debuted / Moon knight, back in 1975. And curiously, this night watchman is the protagonist of a homonymous television show currently being developed by the House of Ideas, with Oscar Isaac in the shoes of the Moon Knight.

It is too early to know if Moon Knight will appear in the special headed by Gael García Bernal, or if this Halloween show will have a direct link to the MCU. For now, it is inevitable to imagine the “charolastra” sharing the screen with Oscar Isaac in the multi-million dollar franchise. Do you like the idea?

The Serie Moon knight It finished shooting last month and is expected to premiere sometime in 2022, via Disney Plus. It belongs to Phase 4 of the MCU and will be composed of six episodes.

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