Gabrielle Union regrets her work on Stolen Triumphs


Actress Gabrielle Union, who plays Isis in the classic dosmilero Stolen victoriesHe said in recent statements that he regrets the work he did for that film. Not because the experience of filming it was unpleasant, or because the overall result of the film is embarrassing. Rather, behind his words hides the regret for not having interpreted the character in a different way and with greater maturity than the one with which he molded him at that time.

While Union was promoting their new book You Got Anything Stronger? on Good morning americaThe actress commented that during the movie’s 20th anniversary promo, which happened over the past year, she realized that perhaps Isis deserved a little more perspective and humanity from her.

‘I was given all the power to do what I wanted with Isis inStolen victories, and I chose respectability and class and take the main path because I felt that that would make her appropriate, the right kind of black girl, “he explained. “Black girls are not allowed to be angry, or certainly not demonstratively angry, and that’s why I gagged her.”

Union has already commented that more than two decades ago, when the film was in the making, she was allowed too much creative freedom to build her character. A situation that he now considers conflictive, because he did not know how to take advantage of it. It was just last year when

“I realized that I had to accept where I had failed Isis. When I was given full control, I made it ‘appropriate’. “

On Stolen victories, Gabrielle Union plays Isis, Captain The Shamrocks, East Compton High School’s official cheer squad. The thing is, their choreographies have been stolen for some time by the former captain of Los Toros from Rancho Grande High School in San Diego, California. And when the new leader of that team played by Kirsten Dunst, gains knowledge about it, she immediately becomes a sort of rival for Isis in her quest to create new choreographies and show the world that her teammates’ triumphs are not stolen but her own. .

In that context, it is easy for viewers to perceive Isis as the villain of the story, however, in light of Union’s reflections, it can now be understood that she was just a scared character, a victim of plagiarism. In fact, the actress commented that a meme that saw and placed Isis as the antagonist of the story, only nurtured that regret she has regarding her interpretation of the character.

«I would have allowed him [a Isis] to be angry and I would have allowed all their humanity because part of being a human being is the ability to express anger when they are hurt, “added Union. “I made her kind, this kind and decent leader. I did all that shapeshifting for one character without even realizing that it was making that change to me, too. And he was not allowing me the full range of my humanity.

Union still felt that during her time working with Kirsten Dunst and the film’s director, Peyton Reed, she made the appropriate changes to her character. For example, he removed some dialogues and situations in the script that made Isis a stereotypical African-American figure. Stolen victories in fact it is more than a teenage sports movie. The central theme of the film is to show how white privilege allowed a certain sector to get away with it, despite the blatant theft of intellectual property and how the victims of it could not do enough simply because they were black.

Is the leader of a movement to hold a group of affluent girls accountable for stealing our hard work called a villain? I think that’s a very revealing thought, ”Union said.

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