French Cinema Tour 2021: Movies, Venues and Tickets


The best selection of contemporary French cinema celebrates a quarter of a century! Like every year, 25th edition of the French Cinema Tour will arrive in from October 14, 2021, and brings with it 7 French films that can be enjoyed in 73 cities in the Mexican Republic thanks to the Cinépolis Art Room. Next, find out about the films that are part of the Official Selection, venues and tickets to enjoy.

From social networks, the French Cinema Tour presented a cineminuto that includes the 7 feature films of its 2021 edition and with which they celebrate 25 years with the best of French cinema within the national territory.

Films French Cinema Tour 2021
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Official Selection

Bye, idiotas, by Albert Dupontel

Synopsis: “When Suze Trappet finds out at the age of 43 that she is seriously ill, she decides to go in search of the son she was forced to abandon when she was 15 years old. Your administrative search will introduce you to JB, a 50-year-old in the throes of depression, and Mr. Blin, a blind archivist with impressive enthusiasm. The three of them embark on a quest as spectacular as it is impossible.

Black boxby Yann Gozlan

Synopsis: What happened on the Dubai-Paris flight before it crashed in the Alps? Mathieu Vasseur, is appointed principal investigator to decipher an unprecedented air disaster. Piloting error? Technical failure? Terrorist act? Careful analysis of the black boxes will lead Mathieu to secretly conduct his own investigation, in which he himself does not know how far his search for the truth will take him.

Deliciousby Eric Besnard

Synopsis: «France, 1789, just before the French Revolution. With the help of an unexpected woman, a chef who has been fired by his boss finds the courage to open a restaurant on his own.

The man in the basementby Philippe Le Guay

Synopsis: «In Paris, Simon and Hélène decide to sell a basement in the building where they live. A man with a troubled past buys it and settles there without warning. Little by little, his presence will change the life of the couple.

Fantasiesby Stéphane Foenkinos and David Foenkinos

Synopsis: «Confronted with their most hidden fantasies, six couples try to explore the darkest facets of their intimate lives. Six questions about access to pleasure. From role-playing games to abstinence, through exhibitionism, six different stories around the same questioning about what desire is today.

Jawsby Quentin Dupieux

Synopsis: “When two not-so-intelligent friends find a giant fly, alive and trapped inside a car, they both decide to train it to earn money from it.”

As long as i liveby Emmanuelle Bercot

Synopsis: «A son (Benoît Magimel) in denial of a serious illness. A mother (Catherine Deneuve) facing the unbearable. And among them a doctor and a nurse struggling to do their job and lead them to acceptance. They have one year and four seasons to come together and understand what it means to die while they live.


Remember to visit the Cinépolis official website to purchase your tickets or give click on the billboard tab of the French Film Tour 2021 starting on October 14.

* If you prefer, purchase a $ 180 pesos movie ticket that includes 4 tickets or 2 VIP tickets for the same price.

For more information, do not forget to take a tour of the official page of the French Film Tour or take a look at the Official Twitter profile of the Cinépolis Art Gallery.

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