Frank Miller considers it “cool” that his Batman inspires Zack Snyder


It is wise to change your mind, especially when superheroes are a (very current) specialty of the great film studios. Despite the initial mistrust, the famous cartoonist Frank Miller he is currently satisfied that his Batman cartoons are an inspiration to filmmakers like Zack Snyder. Let’s not forget that Miller is neither more nor less than the creator of the acclaimed comic series The Dark Knight Returns (1986), which became a strong reference to mold the Bat Man of the DC Extended Universe.

As director of Batman v superman (2016) and the final version Justice league (2021), Zack snyder he undoubtedly did a thorough review of those Frank Miller comics. It is not news that the filmmaker even chose to reproduce on screen some specific vignettes of The Dark Knight Returns. And he also wanted to be faithful to the suit worn by the Gotham City vigilante in print to combat the Man of Steel.

Initially, the cartoonist viewed such appropriations of his work with some reserve. However, now he prefers to relax and recognize that there is something very valuable in the links between cinema and the world of comics. This was stated in a recent talk with The Beard and The Bald Movie Podcast (via):

It’s been a few years since all this started, okay? And at first my reaction was to be very territorial and all that. Now I’ve calmed down a bit and [he sostenido] a much deeper breath and a broader view of everything. And all I can say is this is cool«.

The Dark Knight Returns is considered one of the best-resolved and most influential story arcs in Batman canon. It is about an aging Bruce Wayne who gives up being a vigilante after Jason Todd’s death. However, he must dust off his cape in order to stop the crime wave that floods a dystopian Gotham City.

«I walked in and came up with my idea for The Dark Knight Returns And that was basically the big stir that I caused, which detonated my entire career“Added Frank Miller. Since then I have seen both fields [el cine y el cómic] collaborate back and forth. I benefited greatly from The Dark Knight Returns and them [la gente del cine] they have also done so and continue to do so. And it can only be seen as a healthy relationship«.

Miller also wrote and illustrated the comic book series. 300 (1998), whose film adaptation was carried out by Zack Snyder himself almost ten years later. In May 2021, this director reiterated his interest in producing a film totally inspired by The Dark Knight Returns. He also said that he would do it “one hundred percent of the Watchmen»(via). Do you like the idea?

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