Francis Ford Coppola misses only the Oscars: “Too many awards”


The film awards season is a period that spans several months. It usually starts in November or December, with events like the People’s Choice Awards; Then come the Golden Globes, the Critics Choice Awards, the BAFTAs, the recognition of the different unions… Until finally we come to the Academy Awards, regularly scheduled for February or March. However, if it were up to the legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppolathe Oscar show would be more than enough.

In a recent interview with Variety, Francis Ford Coppola spoke about the Oscar paraphernalia, now that the great Hollywood award is a month away. To begin with, the director of The Godfather He expressed some distaste for the expensive spectacle that usually decorates the delivery of the statuettes, since he prefers more “intimate” and “soft” ceremonies.

On the other hand, Coppola believed that today there is an excess of events of this nature. So why not go back to the days when only the Academy Awards stole the spotlight?

“I don’t like it as much as a dazzling big production. I like it more intimate, when [las ceremonias del Óscar] They had a soft quality to them that I think was nice. There are too many award shows now. I liked it when it was just the Oscars“He commented to the media.

By using the term “show”, Coppola would not be against different societies, juries and groups recognizing the best of cinema, but simply against the treatment of a television show that is usually applied to such awards. Interestingly, the desperate need to make them more entertaining and streamlined — thus more appealing to audiences at home — is what now puts the Oscar in the thick of the controversy.

This week, the Hollywood Academy announced that eight categories will be left out of the live broadcast of the Oscar 2022. It is a measure that, based on a letter issued by the organization, arises from the desire to prioritize “comedy, musical numbers, packages with fragments of films and tributes films» during the event.

The shortlists affected are Best Documentary Short Film, Best Editing, Best Makeup, Best Soundtrack, Best Production Design, Best Animated Short Film, Best Short Film. live action and better sound.

“All those [categorías] they are important”, said Francis Ford Coppola in this regard. It seems strange, but I guess [los mandamás de la Academia] They have their reasons.”

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Oscar awards records

In 2022, Coppola celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of his legendary film The Godfather. But in addition, he is currently preparing his next feature film, Megalopolis, which he has dreamed of building for four decades. And to finance it, he even decided to invest $120 million from his own pocket. Come in here to read the full note.

The next installment of the Oscar will take place on March 27, 2022. Do you already know all the nominees?

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