Forties – Trailer of the film with Adal Ramones and Erick Elías


There are times when everything around you forces you to rediscover the taste of life. the italian director Pietro Loprieno (I frize ignorant, 2015) makes his debut in Mexican cinema with a story set in the famous mid-life crisis. Starring Erick Elías, Adal Ramones, this romantic comedy –produced by Roberto Fiesco and Iliana Reyes (The game of keys)– will make us part of an adventure through the beautiful beaches of Cancun, where a culinary contest will transform the lives of everyone involved. Check out the trailer here forties and everything you need to know about this new Mexican comedy.

What is it about?

César (Erick Elías) is a successful chef, owner of an Italian-Mexican restaurant, founded with his great friend Paolo (Adal Ramones), a cheerful and optimistic man. César is happily married to Amelia (Ximena González Rubio), with whom he has a ten-year-old son named Enrique (Ricardo Zertuche). Shortly before his fortieth birthday, César discovers that his wife has kept something important from him for a long time. Depressed and defeated, this chef feels like his world is falling apart.

Right at the moment of greatest crisis, both he and his best friend travel to Cancun to compete in a contest focused on the best small restaurants in Mexico. The chef regains self-confidence thanks to Naomi (Gaby Espino), a woman full of strength and irony, whom he meets at the hotel where the contest takes place. She will teach César to deal in a balanced way with the surprises that come in life.


forties is starring Adal Ramones (love can’t wait), Erick Elias (100 days to fall in love) and Gaby Espino (loli’s luck). The rest of the cast is made up of Sonia Couoh (mixtec knot), Ximena Gonzalez Rubio (I stay with you), Antonio Fortier (The game of keys), Mauro Gonzalez (SOZ: Soldiers or Zombies), Miguel Pizarro (medical, lifeline) and special performances by Giovanna Zacarias (assassin of oblivion), Silvia Mariscal (Clearly), Juan Carlos Colombo (You are my problem), Anabel Ferreira (Crime Story: The Search) and Martha Ofelia Galindo (How poor so rich).

Release date

forties It hits theaters this March 10, 2022.

official poster

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Adal Ramones Forties trailer
Erick Elías Forties movie trailer
Adal Ramones Erick Elías Cuarentones Mexican movie
Erick Elías Forties movie trailer
From left to right, Ricardo Zertuche (Enrique), Iliana Reyes (producer), Ximena González Rubio (Amelia), Luna Balvanera (actress), Pietro Loprieno (director), Adal Ramones (Paolo), Roberto Fiesco (producer) and Erick Elías (Cease). Photography: Tochiro Gallegos

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