Fire Inside – Movie Premiere, Cast and Trailer


The filmmaker Jesus Mario Lozano chose the City of Cuetzalan, Puebla to tell his most recent film Fire inside. The film takes elements from the Mexican pre-Hispanic worldview to tell a story about the shocking and violent internal journey of two brothers. Then see the trailer and find out about the premiere of this Mexican movie.

What is it about?

Fire insidefollows a taciturn boy, named León, who spends his days in the mountainous city of Cuetzalan cleaning graves and touring the natural periphery of the city of Puebla, finally spending the night in a ramshackle room, alone and attentive to what might happen outside from your window. It is clear that something hidden, perhaps a gruesome past, evoked by the butchered pigs of a slaughterhouse that one night catch his attention. However, it will not be until the unexpected visit of his younger brother that León will have to face his previous life and an inescapable destiny.

«León, a lonely and repentant man, hides in a town lost in the mountains until, surprisingly, his beloved younger brother Andrés finds him to bring him news of his beloved Marta, for whom he is waiting vehemently. This unexpected visit will transform their lives forever », (via).


Hugo Catalan (The set of keys), Armando Espitia (90 days to July 2) and Luisa Pardo (Fauna) are the actors who star in this story.

Release date

After passing through the Morelia International Film Festival 2020 as part of the Mexican Feature Film Section, Fire inside premieres in national theaters on the screens of the Cineteca Nacional. Check out our movie premieres for October 2021 here.

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Official poster


Hugo Catalán Fuego in film premiere
Hugo Catalán Fire in film
Fire inside movie premiere

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