Filming of the film on the Oil Expropriation in Mexico begins


The national cinema will explore one of the most important historical passages in Mexico: the Petroleum Expropriation issued by the then president of Mexico Lázaro Cárdenas. The film is titled 1938: When oil was ours, under the direction of Sergio Olhovich, a filmmaker graduated from UNAM, whose filming has begun within the corridors and walls of the National Palace.

The Twitter account IMER Noticias shared the first photographs that attest to the start of the filming of 1938: When oil was ours:

“Action! The filming of a film on the oil expropriation begins in the National Palace. Actresses, actors, assistants and production staff are already working on the filming of the film 1938: When oil was ours, by the director Sergio Olhovich ».

“Director Sergio Olhovich stated that ‘it is a very important project, not only for me but for the country; Narrating the oil expropriation of 1938 is a pending assignment for the government. ‘

According to information from The Day, the tape was scheduled to be shot during the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto; however, there were not enough inputs or financial support to carry it out. The argument was co-written between Sergio Olhovich and the writer Carlos Montemayor during 2002, but then a series of situations: the death of the writer, lack of financial support and health problems, left the project in limbo, until isolation and This is how the filmmaker decided to polish the script from a more cinematic perspective. This is how he explains it:

“Charlie [Montemayor] and I write the argument; did a lot of research and together we put together the text. Then, when he died and when the script was resumed, the circumstances were different, but when the pandemic arrived, locked in my house, I thought about rewriting it. The truth is that the essence did not change, but it was given greater agility, that it was ready for filming, the filmmaker commented to The Day.

On the importance of the project, Sergio Olhovich told The Day:

“It is historically very important and interesting, but it is also very political, because the parallelism and similarity of the time of Cárdenas – when he expropriated the oil – is similar to what happens now; the coincidences are truly incredible, which means that the current government is on the right track ”.

What is it about?

Adhering to the rules of the genre Historical cinema or period cinema, 1938: When oil was ours It will narrate what happened during the period from January 1 to 31, 1938 of the Petroleum Expropriation.

“The day to day of the President in the National Palace will be narrated, the fights of the oil strike, the vicissitudes with foreign companies that did not want to pay a large debt; the boycott they made after the expropriation or the negotiation with US President Franklin Roosevelt, “the director told The Day.


The cast includes performances by Ianis Guerrero (Ravens Club) (as Lázaro Cárdenas), Ophelia Medina (Amalia Solórzano adult), Karen Marti (Amalia young), Baltimore Beltran (Francisco J. Múgica) and Robert Beck (Raúl Castellanos).

«I never thought of filming in the National Palace and here we are. With a whole crew to film 1938: When oil was oursby Sergio Olhovich. Of those dreams that the cinema fulfills you. What a great joy. Thanks to life, “wrote the protagonist Ianis Guerrero on his Twitter account.

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Film about the National Palace Oil Expropriation
Source: IMER News / Adriana Esthela Flores
Source: IMER News / Adriana Esthela Flores
Source: IMER News / Adriana Esthela Flores
Movies about the Oil Expropriation
Source: IMER News / Adriana Esthela Flores
Source: Ianis Guerrero Twitter (via)

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