Filming begins on film produced by Salma Hayek for Vix in CDMX


Vix Plus is committed to becoming one of the services of streaming in Spanish with more content and subscribers worldwide. As part of its agreements with various Latin American production companies, this week it began filming I want your life. The Vix Plus film will be produced by Salma Hayek through Ventanarosa Productions, his production house.

The romantic fantasy film will star a well-known cast that includes Erick Elías (tenants), Zuria Vega (Blacker than the night)Barbara of Regil (Crazy for work)Jesus Zavala (Valentina’s wedding) and Natalia Tellez (In her twenties, divorced and fantastic).

Bárbara de Regil will play an egocentric woman

The direction is in charge of Jorge Colón (Tired of kissing frogs)while the script was written by José Tamez and Jorge García Castro, who also serve as producers along with Salma Hayek and Ventanarosa.

synopsis of I want your lifefilm produced by Salma Hayek

I Want Your Life” is a romantic fantasy film about Nico, a young soccer player whose promising career comes to an abrupt end after a devastating injury on the pitch. Eight years later, Nico is a bitter man who can’t stop fantasizing about what his life could have been. When the universe magically gives him the opportunity to lead the life he’s always dreamed of, Nico realizes that fame and glory can be deceiving, and sometimes happiness comes in the most unexpected ways.

As you can see, one of the highlights of the plot will be soccer. Regarding this, the protagonist Erick Elías stated the following:

“Playing a soccer player represents a challenge that excites me and takes me out of my comfort zone. I’ve been training and rehearsing with Jorge Colón for almost two months, a director with whom I really wanted to work again. I loved the story because in addition to being a physical challenge, it forces me to have several image changes.

Regarding the impact that the film seeks to have, Zuria Vega commented:

“This story will be very well received by the audience because with the immediacy of social networks, all the time we want the life we ​​don’t have. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but this film tells us that we have to be grateful and value what we have”.

On March 31, the free version of ViX was launched. It has more than 100 channels and 40 thousand hours of content on demand. In addition, it includes advertising. In the second half of the year the level will be launched premiumwhich will offer more than 50 original series and movies in the first year.

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