FICUNAM 2022, everything you need to know


FICUNAM 2022 (UNAM International Film Festival) arrives with its twelfth edition, which will take place from March 10 to 20 and will have more than 170 productions on its grid, made up of short and feature films from 43 countries.

As some people still do not feel comfortable going to a movie theater or are far from the venues where the festival films will be screened, it was decided to maintain the hybrid modality; in this way, all those interested will be able to enjoy the films from a distance.

Know all the details to be part of this festival.

Where to see FICUNAM 2022?

The Cineteca Nacional will serve as an alternate venue for screenings

If you are one of those who wants to attend the screenings and activities of the festival in person, you can do so in spaces such as the Cineteca Nacional, the Los Pinos Cultural Complex, Goethe-Institut Mexiko, La Casa del Cine Mx, the Museo Experimental el Eco, Cine Tonalá and Cinépolis Diana, but also in spaces belonging to UNAM such as the Casa del Lago, the University Museum of Contemporary Art, the Chopo Cinematograph and the University Cultural Center.

For its part, the online programming can be seen through platforms such as MUBI, FilminLatino, Filmoteca UNAM’s online cinema, TV UNAM and Canal 22.

If you want to know the schedules of the functions, activities and all the films that will be part of the festival, you can go to

What will we see at FICUNAM 2022?

FICUNAM 2022 The Tale of King Crab
The Tale of King Crab

The section international competition will present 12 films:

  • Haruhara-san’s recorder / Haruhara-san’s Recorder (Kyoshi Sugita, Japan, 2021)
  • The Legend of the King Crab / The Tale of King Crab(Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo
    Zoppis, Italy – Argentina – France, 2021)
  • atlantis (Yuri Ancarani, Italy – France – United States – Qatar, 2021)
  • The great movement / The Great Movement (Kiro Russo, Bolivia – France – Qatar- Switzerland, 2021)
  • They carry death / They Carry Death (Helena Girón and Samuel Delgado, Spain – Colombia, 2021)
  • A night of not knowing anything / A Night of Knowing Nothing(Payal Kapadya, France –
    India, 2021)
  • After the water / Afterwater(Dane Komljen, Germany – South Korea – Spain –
    Serbia, 2022)
  • Malintzin 17 (Mara Polgovsky and Eugenio Polgovsky, Mexico, 2022)
  • A Little Love Package (Gaston Solnicki, Austria – Argentina, 2022)
  • beatrix (Lilith Kraxner and Milena Czernovsky, Austria, 2021)
  • Jesus Lopez (Maximilian Schonfeld, Argentina – France, 2021)
  • The Plains (David Eastern, Australia, 2022)

The section hitswhich explores new talent from different universities in Ibero-America and seeks to give them feedback for the exploration of their cinematographic language, will present the following works:

  • pacaman (Dalissa Montes de Oca, Dominican Republic, 2021)
  • stone bridge / stone bridge (Artur-Pol Camprubí, Spain, 2021)
  • Something Like Night / Something Like Night (Alvan Prado, Spain, 2021)
  • Ob Scene (Paloma Orlandini Castro, Argentina, 2021)
  • Neon Phantom / Neon Phantom (Leonardo Martinelli, Brazil, 2021)
  • Omen (Juliana Zuluaga, Tiagx Velez, Colombia, 2022)
  • The Shepherd (David Paredes, Cuba, 2022)
  • Margin Diaries. Notes from a failed expedition. /BorderJournal. Notes from a Failed Expedition (Ileana Dell’unti, Argentina, 2022)
  • return (Juan Romo, Mexico, 2022)
Drive My Car has 4 Oscar nominations

Other titles that can be seen include the Oscar-nominated Drive My Car, The Souvenir II, with Tilda Swinton and independent Mexican productions such as Lumbre (Santiago Mohar, 2021), If I could wish for something (Dora García, 2021) and Hope, Soledad (Yolanda Cruz, 2021), among many others.

Tributes and retrospectives

Ed Lachman, director of photography for films like carol

FICUNAM 2022 will pay tribute to figures such as Ed Lachmancinematographer who has collaborated with directors such as Sofía Coppola and Wim Wenders, Raul Ruiz, Chilean filmmaker who fled the Pinochet dictatorship, Larissa Sheptiko, leading director in post-war cinema and Vadim Kostrov, Russian filmmaker who at 23 years old is calling the attention of the industry.

Get ready for the twelfth edition of FICUNAM and discover memorable moments from previous editions, just click here.

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