FICM 2021: These are the short films that you can see online


The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) has announced the Online Mexican Short Film Selection. This time there will be 40 short films that the public will be able to enjoy online completely free of the October 27 to November 1, 2021.

Where to see the short films?

FICM 2021 will enable the page Web to be able to enjoy them. However, moviegoers will also be able to access the productions from the platform streaming FilminLatino.

FICM 2021 Free Short Films Online
Source: FICM 2021

Next, the 40 short films that you can enjoy online during FICM 2021:

  • Adrenalin | Alberto Arnaut, Diego Rabasa
  • Almantal Yu´un Lekilal (Messengers of Peace) | Octavio Anza
  • Amanda | Liliana Villasenor
  • Anxiety and desire | Rodrigo Ugalde De Haene
  • Spiders | Jaime Guerrero
  • June 5th | Humberto Flores Jáuregui
  • Deaf buildings | Ivan Linares
  • The Blue Days Boy Who Can’t Get Out | Paco Alarcon Rojas
  • The longest dream I can remember | Carlos Lenin
  • In the spaces of silence | Barbara Moreno Turcott
  • Water mirror | Jimena medina
  • Plains Flowers | Mariana X. Rivera
  • Flowers in the dog house | Christian Alain Vazquez Carrasco
  • Winter | Luis Pacheco, Rafael Ruiz Espejo
  • Koo | Nicolas Rojas Sánchez
  • The house of memory | Sofia Rosales Arreola
  • The fourth gate | Hugo Magana
  • The wait | Celina Yunuen Manuel Piñón
  • Inner freedom | Porfirio López Mendoza
  • Sunday afternoon is also forgotten | Canek Miguel González Jiménez
  • It’s raining | Carolina Corral, Magali Rocha
  • Monday, May 3 | Leire Aguilera Kelly
  • Manchester Acatitla | Selma Cervantes
  • My grandmother Matilde | Miguel Anaya Borja
  • My age, yours and the age of the world | Fernanda tovar
  • A thousand eyes watch me | Nicolas Gutierrez Wenhammar
  • Olote | Lau Charles
  • Polaroids of Anxiety | Luis Arturo Rodríguez, Raúl Salgado
  • Dear chantal | Nicolas Pereda
  • Rest in Peace | Deborah Balboa, Karien Benz, Kai-Hsun Chan, Aparna Hegde, Yuk Yan Tsoi
  • It’s called flower | Viridiana Perez Ramirez
  • Serranilla | Nicolas Gutierrez Wenhammar
  • Are for three | Emilio Aguilar Pradal
  • Eternal earth | Andres Alonso Ayala
  • All that I was (we) | Lorenzo Navas
  • Toothless | Andrea Guizar
  • Virtual memory | Victor Zamora, Tiban Núñez
  • I contain a space | Andrea Gudiño Sosa
  • I was not me | Pablo Balderas placeholder image
  • Yollotl (Heart) | Fernando Colin Roque

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Manchester Acatitlaby Selma Cervantes

Vote for your favorite short film

The cinephile community will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite short film from the page Web Your preference will make the short film with the highest number of votes receive the Online Mexican Short Film Selection Award: a diploma and a cash award.

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