Father of the Bride is HBO Max’s biggest premiere to date

The new version of the father of the bride on HBO Max is proof that the public is still ready for the remakes. This is the third version of this story and the biggest success that the Warner platform has had just a few days after its premiere.

In accordance with Father’s Day, Gaz Alazraki’s film arrived at the streaming and families welcomed him with open arms. As reported dead line This new version of the classic was placed in the first position of the most viewed since last Tuesday when it debuted. The numbers were the result of its viewing around the world. But its best markets were the United States and Mexico.

This reinvention of the story was done with a mostly Latino cast and crew. The director of the film is widely known in our market for We the noble. In addition, the film stars Cuban Andy García and singer Gloria Estefan, who play the bride’s parents. She is played by Adria Arjona and she is engaged to the character of Diego Boneta.

Here Billy and Ingrid Herrera (García and Estefan) are ready to announce their divorce plans to their children, when suddenly the oldest of them announces her nuptials. Sofía (Arjona) plans to marry Adán (Boneta) as soon as possible, to move with him to Mexico. Thus, the parents will do everything possible to delay the news of their separation to their daughters and manage to communicate it until after the wedding.

The film was marked from its conception by its creators, in their intention to communicate a story about Latinos living in the United States. It is now no surprise that in the neighboring country the film was seen by wide audiences, thus making it the largest premiere that HBO Max has had for a film exclusive to the platform.

Mexico ranked second, thus surpassing batman. Until then, the bat film had the highest numbers in reproductions during its first days of release.

the father of the bride It arrived on the platform on June 16 and can already be seen with a subscription.

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