Fans see transphobia in JK Rowling’s tweet: “You’ve broken a lot of hearts”


Accusations of transphobia towards JK Rowling, author of the saga Harry Potter, they are nothing new. Exactly two years ago, the British woman caused a stir on social networks by defending a researcher who was fired from her job for opposing people to identify with a gender other than the sex that was assigned to them at birth.

Over the course of 2020, Rowling issued more posts on Twitter that sadly became an attack on the trans community. For example, stating that menstruation only applies to cisgender women, or equating hormonal treatments with conversion therapies.

Now, the fifty-year-old writer rekindled the controversy through a tweet in which she reaffirmed her position of not recognizing transgender women.

«War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. The person locked up who raped you is a woman “, reads the previous publication.

Attached to the tweet is an article entitled “Police absurdity in registering rapists as women”, the theme of which is that the authorities in Scotland will classify the person responsible for a violation as a woman if she identifies with that gender. What JK Rowling implies with her publication is that she agrees to qualify this measure as nonsense, and consequently, several Internet users see more transphobia behind her words.

Check below some responses that led to Rowling’s recent demonstration on social networks.

“He really refuses to let us enjoy the little books he publishes”replied the comedian Crissle West, community member queer.

«Love is peace. Freedom is acceptance. Understanding is strength. Trans women are not a danger to society. JK Rowling loves to feed hatred towards a whole group of beautiful and innocent people«Wrote the British designer Daniel Lismore.

«As a trans person who used to love the Harry Potter series, this is very discouraging., and I should expect it of you by now, but for whatever reason I always hope there is enough evidence that most trans people are not a threat for you to change. But it never happens “, said the user @lemonademoss in response to the post.

«Why do you insist on erasing and hurting people, apparently for sport? Already mature!«Commented the activist Amy siskind, a member of the LGBT community.

«When I see this kind of thing, I can’t believe you wrote Harry Potter. You are the definition of hypocrite«Said the youtuber Bryanna nasck.

I know I shouldn’t be at this point, but it never ceases to disappoint me when I see what you’ve become. You will argue that you are only speaking with common sense or defending women, but what you are really doing is using those ideas as excuses to hate and attack an marginalized community. It’s sad«Said the writer and lawyer for the rights of the LGBT community, Amanda Jetté Knox.

And I add:

And I’m not just talking about this time, this tweet, but many times over a long time. You had an incredible opportunity to do good with the privilege and success that you have. You could have chosen otherwise. But this is what you have chosen and you have broken many hearts«.

What do you think of JK Rowling’s last words and the negative reactions it generated?

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