Ezra Miller says the Flash will not eliminate the Snyderverse


In the context of recent rumors about a root change in the DC film universe, a statement from Ezra Miller puts cold cloths on the end of the Snyderverse.

The adaptation of Flashpoint by the Argentine director Andy Muschietti in The Flash has been raising numerous rumors and speculations about the future of the DC Cinematic Universe, which still does not have a definite direction or structure after the departure of Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck and, for now, the absence of Henry cavill, foundational pillars of Snyderverse.

One of the installed rumors insists that The Flash will take advantage of this collision of universes to restart everything from scratch and look at the horizon with a new structure. However, the own Ezra Miller declared in social networks – and raised by a post on Reddit – that he Snyderverse will continue to exist.

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“No power or force in any known megaverse could erase the mighty work of Zack Snyder”, Miller expressed. A statement that does not finish making clear the fate of the Snyderverse – because we can even take it as a metaphorical statement – but they maintain the fans’ illusion to see again the director in charge of a project within the DC Comics label.

The entry Ezra Miller ensures that The Flash will not eliminate the Snyderverse appears first in Geeky.


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