Ezra Miller is accused of paranoia and leading a cult

An extensive report published by Business Insider traced a timeline that accounts for disturbing patterns in Ezra Miller’s behavior, now highlighting accusations of allegedly trying to start a sect, as well as walking around with a firearm and a bulletproof vest.

“I think Ezra is allowed these things because of his fame, his wealth, his earning potential, his being white and his beauty,” said a longtime friend of Miller’s family, who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of being caught. retaliation. “It’s really hard to intervene when someone has as many resources as Ezra. When you’re famous, people are less likely to say ‘no’ to you. I think those things can be really dangerous.”

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The cult of Ezra Miller

Business Insider chatted with several women who met Ezra Miller during his roughly two-month stay in Iceland in the spring of 2020. There he rented parts of the Hotel Laugarbakki, where he took a girl who was struggling with addictions ‘under his wing’, and he was adding other young people whom he could easily alienate from their relatives.

The star gained notoriety in Reykjavík for his putrid stench and for walking barefoot through the frigid streets. Enter your “improvised commune” and erratic behavior, with spiritual monologues and constant outbursts, rumors began to circulate in the area that Ezra Miller was leading a cult. “I felt that everyone was hypnotized,” said a woman who visited the residence.

“No one was allowed to disagree with Ezra,” recalled one of his tenants, who was 18 at the time and had a brief sexual relationship with the celebrity. “His reality of him painted the reality of everyone else. There was no room for anyone else’s opinion or feelings.”

Another 23-year-old said Miller often went from “friendly host to angry person.” She alleges that the six days by her side were marked by psychological abuse, from flattery to insult from one moment to the next. The young woman also reported that Ezra became obsessed with her “reproductive capabilities” to the point of talking to her womb. He told her that she needed to leave her current life behind for a better future, and she came to think this would be her ticket to Hollywood.

“Ezra was super manipulative. They had us all in the palm of his hand, ”he stressed. “He was able to twist everything I thought he knew about the world.”

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On the other hand, the article further reveals that Ezra Miller is behaving more and more paranoid. According to his sources, Miller has gotten used to wearing bulletproof vests and carries at least one gun almost everywhere, as he believes he is followed by FBI agents and even members of the Ku Klux Klan.

In the first case, he fears that the authorities will track him down as a result of the multiple complaints against him for harassment of minors. About the Ku Klux Klan, it is due to the publication of a video earlier this year on his Instagram account where he threatened members in the town of Beulaville, North Carolina.

Tokata Iron Eyes, an 18-year-old who used to travel with Ezra and whose parents filed a restraining order against the star, referred to his bulletproof vest as “a fashionable security measure in response to actual attacks and death threats.” received”.

Close friends of Miller say they are alarmed that his parents do not seem interested in the matter. At the same time, they accuse Warner executives of not providing enough help or putting a real solution to this issue, in order to protect the business for its participation in the DC and Harry Potter universes.

ezra miller sect

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