Ezra Miller is accused of influencing and supplying drugs to a minor

After his arrests in Hawaii, the actor from The Justice League again hits the headlines. Although on that occasion they were altercations in bars, on this one for Ezra Miller there is a restraining order involved and accusations of supplying drugs to a minor.

According to the story published by TMZ, are the parents of a minor under 18 years of age who accuse the star. Miller allegedly has a great friendship for Tokata Iron Eyes, since he was 23 years old and she was 12. The girl was a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and met the actor when he visited the Standing Rock Indian reservation in 2016.

Tokata’s parents say Miller took her in 2017 for a visit to the set of fantastic animals, because his daughter was a big fan of the world of Harry Potter. However, during the trip, when she was 14 and he was 25, the actor gave her alcohol, marijuana and LSD.

They also accuse him of bad influence. According to the girl’s parents, it was because of Ezra Miller that Tokata dropped out of her studies last December 2021. Her parents flew to Vermont to visit Miller’s house and pick up her daughter. There they realized that the minor did not have her driver’s license, nor the keys to her car, her credit cards, or other necessary and basic things to subsist independently.

When they took her back home, the minor later fled to New York to meet the actor again. From there they both traveled to Los Angeles, Vermont and Hawaii. According to the complaint, “Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threats of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to dominate a young Tokata teenager.”

For his part, Tokata shared his version of the events on his social networks: “I would like to make a statement to talk about the tragedy that is the narrative of the general public and the assumptions made on my behalf by my family and friends regarding my stability and so on.

The young woman affirms that after the death of one of her friends named William, her emotional stability was affected. In the midst of grief, Ezra Miller has been a great support for her. He has given her a great deal of support and protection that he called “incalculable.” The youngest she claims to have a stable mind and to see a therapist.

However, Tokata’s parents claim that their daughter has not had a mobile phone since January 2022. And that the actor is the one who controls the minor’s social networks. So far they do not know the whereabouts of his daughter. Reason why they have launched a complaint and ask for help through Twitter to be able to locate it.

“We tried to save our daughter from Ezra Miller,” the parents say. They also ask for the support of Warner Bros so that the actor faces and takes responsibility for his actions. Miller has multiple contracts with the studio, especially for the aforementioned wizarding world saga and for his role as Barry Allen in Flash.

In past months, the actor was accused twice of assaulting various people in bars in Hawaii. According to rumors, the upcoming movie about DC’s scarlet speedster has been put on hiatus for a few weeks. The studio still hasn’t decided what to do next.

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