Ezra Miller houses a mother and her three children in a farm full of weapons

Ezra Miller sheltered a 25-year-old mother and her three children on his Vermont farm. However, various sources state that the minors live there in a unsafe environment with firearms lying around and excessive use of marijuana. The housing agreement between the mother of the children and the actor worries the father of the minors; while another source comments that they saw the one-year-old boy put a bullet casing in his mouth.

was the magazine rolling stone the one who uncovered this news and spoke with anonymous sources about the details of the case. Supposedly the 25-year-old woman who lives on Ezra Miller’s property right now, she met the actor in Hawaii last March. His stay in Vermont, on a 38-hectare farm, has been going on since last April.

Since then the father of the minors has not been able to see his children and has tried to contact the authorities of that locality, without any satisfactory results. The man called the Department for Children and Families (DCF). A representative visited the farm and confirmed that he did not see anything wrong or out of the ordinary for the children. In a text message he wrote that “the kids looked good” and that he had more work to do.

However, two anonymous sources who visited the place affirm that the minors live there with their mother in a chaotic and poorly controlled environment. The aforementioned medium had access to a video filmed in April in which at least eight assault weapons, rifles and pistols scattered in a living room and some other weapons arranged on top of stuffed animals. on one occasion the one-year-old boy picked up a loose bullet from the floor and put it in his mouth.

In addition, the two sources also confirmed a Repeated and excessive use of marijuana in front of the three children. Without adequate ventilation or shelter for minors, the use of cannabis it happens very often. On the other hand, it was noted that many more mature marijuana plants grow on the property than the two permitted by Vermont law for private use by citizens.

In fact, Miller’s friend, Whitney Suters, claims that the two of them own a cannabis called Rebel Alliance Cannabis. Photos on the social network of this person revealed that there were at least 28 different vines in maturation, from a harvest dating from the fall of 2021. The actor’s farm is not among the 25 cultivators of this plant, which have a license within the state of Vermont.

“I have a bad feeling in my stomach,” the father of the minors told the magazine. “I want to go find my kids, they mean the fucking world to me.”

However, the woman and mother of the children in question was also able to speak to the media and denied all the details described above. Even Woman Claims Ezra Miller Helped Her Escape ‘Violent, Abusive Ex’. Her stay on the farm has finally provided a safe and healthy environment for the development of her three little ones.

«The house ranch [de Ezra] it has been a healing haven for us,” the woman said. “There may be firearms for self-defense purposes, but they are stored in a part of the house that children can never enter. My children are able to relax more in their healing because of the safety and care that Ezra has provided.”

Ezra Miller has been under siege from the press and public opinion in recent months. In addition to the situation mentioned in this text, the actor was also accused of “promoting” the escape of a minor from his parents’ house. He currently travels with him to various parts of the United States and Hawaii, but his parents claim that the actor supplied him with drugs years ago and that he protects his phone, thus managing his social networks.

Prior to this, the actor was arrested twice in different locations in Hawaii. In both he was accused of exercising violence against a 26-year-old woman; and in the other also of giving death threats to a couple who was the victim of the actor’s invasion in his own room. At least 10 calls to the police department were made regarding Miller’s violent behavior.

All of the above has turned Warner executives upside down once again. Ezra Miller belongs to two of the studio’s biggest franchises. He is still awaiting the premiere of The Flash where the actor stars and also plays other roles, according to its variants in the multiverse of history.

Studio executives have reportedly had several emergency meetings regarding the actor’s status within the company. For this reason, the premiere of the sprinter’s solo tape, for now, remains on uncertain ground. While others affirm that it is only a matter of time before its definitive cancellation is announced. You can read more about it in a text that analyzes the actor’s future within the DC universe.

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