Ezra Miller arrested for the second time in Hawaii


In less than a month, Ezra Miller returned to wearing handcuffs due to another incident that also happened in Hawaii. Just this week, local police reported arresting “a 29-year-old visitor from Vermont for second-degree assault” (via) after an altercation that occurred early Tuesday morning at a private residence in Pahoa. The aggressor turned out to be the star of Flash, who in this way adds another red mark to his history. And it will definitely not be to the liking of the executives at Warner Bros. Pictures.

According to the police report, Ezra Miller was in the area of ​​the incident and was asked to leave the scene. Then, in a fit of rage, the celebrity threw a chair and hit a 26-year-old woman in the forehead. The impact left the victim with a half-inch cut.

The attack would have happened around one in the morning (local time) on Tuesday, April 19. Miller was arrested thirty minutes later. By four in the morning, he was released, pending further investigation of the matter.

Interestingly, this Tuesday Ezra Miller was due to appear in court on charges of harassment and disorderly conduct that he has been facing for several weeks in Hawaii (via MovieWeb). On that occasion – on March 28 – Miller was arrested for violent behavior in a karaoke bar. Consequently, he had to pay a bail of $500 dollars, but the sympathy of the public is getting more expensive, already made up of innumerable detractors who demand his cancellation.

Ezra Miller’s messes date back to 2020, when a viralized video showed him assaulting a woman in a bar in Iceland. And although that did not lead to any legal action against him, it did earn him the rejection of several fans, who demanded on social networks his dismissal from any project associated with the DC Extended Universe, where Miller plays Barry Allen / Flash since 2016.

In fact, in early April, Warner Bros. Pictures and DC were rumored to have held an emergency meeting to decide whether or not to cut Miller from any future films from both companies. However, other reports indicate that Warner denies that said meeting took place. On the other hand, at this point, there is no doubt that the executives “have to talk about Ezra.” Does he really walk and teeter on a tightrope?

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