Extraction, an all-action movie about the mercenary life, featuring Chris Hemsworth

“Extraction” is a massive action movie with no ideas or flair. Chris Hemsworth plays a mercenary in Bangladesh to rescue the son of a criminal boss (Pankaj Tripathi) from a rival gang. After a barebones setup, where the crooks are on the police force’s payroll and the main villain is pulling strings behind the scenes, the movie immediately attacks with a deluge of blood, gunshots, and ruined vehicles.

Sam Hargrave, who has worked as a stunt coordinator on Marvel movies, debuted as a director with “Extraction” (available on Netflix). Even though it isn’t a superhero movie, it has a crucial similarity to superhero films: it features an ambiguous moral compass. Tyler is presented as the archetypal character in the film— a tragic villain rescued by his quest while doing nasty things like killing young minions. His counterpart is a kingpin deputy with a surprisingly pathetic parental backstory who is brutally effective in his killing but emotionally complex. David Harbour also pops up briefly, boosting the cast of tormented machos in the picture.

The battle sequences seem like they’re made of plastic and gloss. Hargrave uses overlong one-take shots that look like “Call of Duty” outtakes because he confuses gore for cool and technical skill for choreography. The movie’s cast has a fantastic international flavor, but they are focused more on finding targets than on a complex investigation. The boring proceedings are lifted by the melodramatic deliveries of Priyanshu Painyuli and the actor who plays the swaggering mafia leader, Hooda. These bonus features tease how much better the movie might have been if it didn’t take itself so seriously.

Despite its simple plot, Extraction is a great action movie since it has top-notch pacing. With the help of its guide (Hemsworth), you’ll navigate a treacherous mission filled with violence and weapons in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.

Netflix has a small handful of large action movies that are best seen on your largest screen. Extraction is one of those films. Though Extraction brings to mind Fury Road and its polar extremes, unlike Michael Bay’s six-film run, this film is less comical and is all the better for it. It takes some of the best elements of films like John Wick, Dredd, and human target-style films and puts them together with a more thought-out storyline and focused presentation. Though this movie is first and mostly about action, the narrative is relevant enough to help round things out.

To the benefit of newcomer Sam Hargrave, he heeds his own advice by working within his strengths, pulling on his years of experience as a stuntman and fight coordinator on MCU movies like the Russos’ Civil War and Winter Soldier, the ones with the greatest action. To give the movie more credibility, the film follows a graphic book that provides a suitable structure to insert one’s own flavor. Its “popcorn entertainment” storyline keeps the attention of viewers by using a basic, thin structure, and keeps them entertained with plenty of action. Using a great single-shot set-piece, Hargrave creates a main character reminiscent of one of the better super soldier serum test subjects, fighting as if he’d learned everything from them.

Tyler Rake, the character played by Hemsworth, is very menacing because of his fighting, shooting, and other excessively frantic movements. He can expand the limited plot by making Tyler’s sorrow clear, making it more memorable and interesting than if he were crying. Ovi is an Indian criminal boss’s adolescent son, abducting him by another drug lord. Rudhraksh’s friend Tyler is inspired to assist, giving him a tiny amount of hope to get through his dark time. They make it realistic and emotional very fast, yet it’s cliché.

I found Stranger Things fascinating. In the third act, David Harbour comes as an old buddy of Tyler’s, giving the audience a respite from the violence. However, it lacks any true surprise factor. You had thought Harbour’s character would behave in this precise manner and that they would end up in this exact place. Still, you decide to allow for the cliche since Harbour is excellent, and the narrative should occasionally stop.

Is it enough for the Russos to advertise the Avengers: Endgame reunion of their production with Hemsworth and Hargrave, boasting about Extraction? No, it’s unlikely. This movie is intriguing, and although it may not be a brilliant debut film, it’s a decent effort. Even if you remember the absurdly lengthy single shot, you’re getting a better impression than you would from most games where you shoot something.

Randeep Hooda, who appears in almost every major Bollywood film, also appears, adding more muscle for the soldiers. Hooda is Hemsworth’s Tyler’s counterpoint, and he appears in the film so that Tyler would feel like the only one of his kind in the group. The “clichés are cliches because they work” rule comes to life in extraction. There’s a popular belief that the greatest action movies always have basic storylines. Using the most densely populated city in the world as a sandbox, the movie can bring forth a gritty, claustrophobic sensation in its major characters without making them imprisoned in an enclosed structure, which would be typical.


The film’s action takes center stage since its narrative is basic and action-packed. If the action scenes were lame, the whole production would be a failure. There is some respite in the fact that Extraction has tremendous violence with excellent fight scenes. Are you a fan of Steve and Bucky’s tense showdowns in the Captain America movies? If so, you’ll love this movie.


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