EXCLUSIVE: Scott Derrickson responds to whether he would consider directing the Thing reboot


I would want Scott derrickson pour his own vision into the announced new movie of The Thing? In January 2020, the first reports emerged that Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions were on their way to erecting a reinvention of the 80s classic conceived by the legendary John Carpenter. Months later, the news gained more force but to date only Jason Blum appears as producer and Alan Donnes, as executive producer. There is no guaranteed or tentative name for the executive chair. In that sense, the director of Doctor Strange exclusively told Cine PREMIERE if he would be interested in such a reboot be one of your next projects.

It should be noted that previously there were headlines that already linked Scott Derrickson to the film The Thing 1982. In March of last year, the filmmaker tweeted that he had just been asked what kind of film Star wars would like to do and that he replied the following: «a horror movie set on a frozen planet [el planeta ficticio Hoth] R-rated and in line with The Thing»(via).

Derrickson clarified that it was just an idea that “will never happen”, as he had neither proposed nor planned to propose it to Lucasfilm. However, clearly the 55-year-old filmmaker – a regular of making horror films – has very high esteem for that creepy science fiction film starring Kurt Russell. And although at the moment Star Wars does not foresee dealing with any alien parasites, Blumhouse is close (as we already said) to producing a reboot from The Thing. Could the director then raise his hand for this project?

A partnership between Scott Derrickson and the producer Jason blum it would be nothing new. They both worked together on Sinister (2012) and in The black phone, close to being released in commercial theaters. So if the production house boss offered to direct a reinvention of The thing from the other world, Derrickson wouldn’t refuse so easily. On the other hand, in an interview with Cine PREMIERE, he confessed that such a project would be very overwhelming for him.

I would certainly consider whatever Jason asked me to do. I would give at least some consideration“, he pointed. “But you know, always I’m scared to remake really classic movies. Because no matter how good your movie turns out, it won’t be better than The Thing by John Carpenter”.

While he acknowledges that The Thing is itself a remake of the movie The Thing from Another World 1951 – he also understands that John Carpenter’s version possesses unique virtues that earn him a cult following and his enormous fame as one of the best exponents of the genre.

Carpenter’s movie is one of the great horror movies of all time, so to be honest, I’d probably be a little nervous about doing it. [un remake]Derrickson concluded.

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Of the reboot from The Thing, It was previously reported that it would not only start from the eighties film, but also would have sustenance in the book Frozen hell. This consists of an extended version – barely unearthed in 2018 – of the short novel Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, which as we well know inspired the film adaptations of 1951 and 1982.

In August 2020, Variety confirmed that John Carpenter would be involved in the upcoming movie The Thing from Blumhouse (via). However, it is currently unknown in which department the horror master will work. Will he be the one to eventually occupy the executive chair?

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