Evangeline Lilly confesses that she has not seen the last seasons of LOST


While the fans more hardcore, and some other viewers passing by, revisit and revisit the final seasons of LOST To find out if they were a tease or a grossly underrated conclusion, people like Evangeline Lilly herself haven’t even stopped there. The actress confessed that the last three seasons of the series do not remain in her mental recollection, because she has not seen them even once.

Lilly recently chatted with the magazine People on issues unrelated to LOST, but it was inevitable that the series appeared in some form or another. The series headed by JJ Abrams was the first role that the actress had and was an important springboard for her career. It was there that he confessed that sometimes he preferred not to see the Show because he feels like his performance in that one was still a little “green.”

“Because it was my first rodeo as an actor, and I really didn’t know what I was doing, and I did so badly at so many times,” said the actress. ‘That is worthy of shame. But the truth is, I never actually saw seasons 4, 5, 6. So I have yet to see them for the first time. “

Many fans will argue that Evangeline Lilly’s work on LOST it was far from bad. In fact, the actress played one of the main and most important roles in the entire series. There were many episodes in which he unleashed his histrionic gifts with a character who kept many secrets and an unworthy past that could suddenly disappear thanks to his arrival on a lost island where no one knew him.

On the other hand, it would be important to know the opinion of the actress on the mentioned seasons. LOST It was an important event for television, especially for that format in which the unsolved mysteries and enigmas that arose in each episode prevailed. However, a significant portion of the audience gradually grew weary of getting more questions than answers.

The very outcome of LOST It is remembered by almost everyone as one of the great disappointments of the small screen. Perhaps even above that offered by the historic game of Thrones. The Show Since its premiere, it has told the stories of the passengers of the Oceanic 815 flight, which was shipwrecked on a mysterious island whose tropical climate allowed polar bears and evil fumes that roamed the jungle to live.

JJ Abrams was the biggest name behind the project, but it was mostly Damon Lindelof who led the development of the story through his various scripts and proposals. Despite complaints and negative opinions, the screenwriter managed to refine his technique in other television projects such as the underrated The Leftovers and the award-winning Watchmen, both belonging to the HBO house.

For her part, Evangeline Lilly achieved world fame thanks to her role called Kate. The actress even now belongs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which no matter what her detractors think, right now it stands as one of the most important sagas in the film industry.

We will see Lilly soon in Ant-Man: Quantumania, the third installment of the superhero where he will play The Wasp again, in a plot that supposedly seems like one of the most essential for the future of the MCU.

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