Euphoria is renewed for a third season at HBO


fans of euphoria they’ll be ready to fix their eyes with glittery of colors to party, now that HBO has renewed the series for a third season. Good news comes not so unexpectedly. No one has missed the television bombshell that Rue and company’s teenage adventures have meant. Without hesitation, the television series has quickly become one of the biggest hits on the pay channel.

The series gained public attention from its first season, but perhaps became an even more relevant element for the industry, when it received recognition from the Emmy Awards during its first season. At that time even Zendaya took home the Best Actress award for her performance as the troubled Rue.

euphoria follows the stories of a group of teenagers who hang out at a California high school. Through a narrative full of parties, alcohol, drugs and personal conflicts of identity and exploration of sexuality, these characters adhere to the maximum modern expression of a coming of age. Zendaya’s character, in particular, is a recovering addict who has struggled with sobriety throughout this season.

The same actress has warned that the series is a cluster of dark themes that, however, are relevant to our days. Perhaps for this reason euphoria It has been the reason for great ratings and audience levels in audiences of all ages.

For example, the first episode of the second season broke the viewing record. It became the most watched episode of a series in the entire existence of HBO Max. The platform streaming It even experienced a bit of a saturation hiccup on Sunday night as the series debuted its long-awaited return.

The Show currently has an audience of more than 14 million viewers on different platforms. A stratospheric number that doubled and added a little more to the audience levels it reached during its first season, a total of 6.6 million people per episode.

On the overwhelming success of the series, the executive vice president of HBO, Francesca Orci, commented:

“Sam, Zendaya and the entire cast and crew of euphoria have taken Season 2 to extraordinary heights, defying narrative conventions and forms while keeping its heart. We couldn’t be more honored to be working with this wild and talented team, or more excited to continue our journey with them into Season 3.”

There is no release date for the third season yet. euphoria, being that the second is still on the air. The final episode of this second broadcast will take place on February 27.

euphoria is based on a Show Israeli television station of the same name. Its western version is produced, written and directed by Sam Levinson. In addition to Zendaya, the cast includes Hunter Schafer, Nika King, Eric Dane, Angus Cloud, Jacob Elordi Algee Smith, Sydney Sweeney Alexa Demie, Barbie Ferreira, Storm Reid, Maude Apatow and many more.

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