Ethan Hawke talks about Moon Knight: “Villains could be my future”


With Moon Knight, the upcoming series from Marvel Studios, Ethan Hawke he is about to venture simultaneously into two unusual terrains within his career: that of superheroes and that of villains. For years, the Oscar nominee had his reasons for disdaining antagonistic roles or those associated with cloaked vigilantes. But now, the celebrated actor is ready to put his misgivings behind him, thanks in part to the persuasiveness of Oscar Isaac, his co-star on the show, and how unknown Moon Knight is in the media arena.

In a recent interview with ew, Ethan Hawke explained his reasons for previously declining any villainous role in film and television. In his opinion, there is no going back when an actor embodies someone who is not only malevolent, but also cruel or insane: the viewer will never be able to erase that image from his or her head.

«I’ve always had this theory that when you teach the audience how to see the devil inside you, they won’t stop seeing it for the rest of your career.“, he stated. “Jack Nicholson may be playing an accountant and you’re still waiting for him to blow up like he did in The glow. It changes your relationship with an actor, so I’ve always been nervous about it.”

However, age has allowed the fifty-year-old interpreter to be more permissive regarding a hypothetical future full of antagonists:

“I realized that I am on the other side of fifty and it is time to put a new tool in the tool chest. Villains could be my future«.

In Moon Knight, Ethan Hawke personifies Arthur Harrow, who in the comics is a scientist whose research revolves around the theory of pain and makes him a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Medicine. However, there is an extremely dark side to this character, linked to sects and Nazi experimentation techniques. “I love villains who think they’re good people and that’s why they have to kill you”, expressed the histrión, who does not feel any interest in the evil conventional, “super rich mastermind.”

At first, Hawke’s interests also did not include comic book-inspired movies or series. But according to ew, a brief chat with Oscar Isaac in a cafeteria was enough for the star of boyhood Y Training day agreed to collaborate with Marvel Studios. Even more so because the address of Moon Knight would be borne by the Egyptian Muhammad Diab, whom he considers “a special director”.

“I was always a bit apprehensive. There’s a certain type of actor who really excels in that universe. [de los cómics] and I’m still not sure I’m one of them,” he said in the same interview. “But then Oscar asked me, and I really respect that. I knew that if he came in, he would do it all, and it’s fun to do any genre with people who give it their all.”

Likewise, Ethan Hawke said he was delighted to participate in a project where the vigilante lacks the popularity of other iconic superheroes. Therefore, there is not as much pressure associated with the expectation and demand of the fans. And besides, the series satisfies the Texan’s passion for origin stories.

“The more I learned about Moon Knight, the more excited I got, because it’s so much better than trying to create something that the audience already has a big agenda with. If you do Batman, Superman or Hulk, any of these [héroes] famous, fans have so many preconceived things they want from him,” he said. “With Moon Knight, we can create a world and a character. The fan in me always enjoys the first movie. I love knowing how the heck Captain America came about. Those are my favorite parts of the story.”

Moon Knight will debut on Disney Plus on March 30, 2022. Ethan Hawke will also be seen soon on the black phone, the new horror film by Scott Derrickson where he assumes the antagonistic role: a kidnapper and murderer with a creepy mask. Come in here to see the official trailer of the film.

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