Eternals is criticized prior to its premiere for its LGBT representation


In the last episode of the internet, netizens gave us a new controversy that placed Michael Myers as the object of criticism for his supposedly homophobic representation in Halloween Kills. However, the spectrum of the network is so wide, that while some point out and condemn cases of homophobia, there are many others who reject precisely the inclusion samples. This time it was the film’s turn Eternals of Marvel that includes within its characters some LGBT representations and for that reason it was condemned without even having reached its premiere.

The term Review bombing refers to a common practice that Internet users apply when they are upset, or disagree with a movie or series. Normally they enter sites like IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes to leave bad reviews with the sole intention of quickly affecting the rating that said film can show on those pages.

Precisely Eternals, the movie that Marvel has around the corner, was the new victim of this practice (via). IMDB users entered the profile of the tape to award low stars and leave some negative comments. The reason? Fans disagree that Chloe Zhao’s film has found space to do an LGBTQ representation with some of its characters.

The character in question is played by actor Brian Tyree Henry, who in the film’s narrative is openly homosexual. His character Phastos maintains a long-standing relationship with another human man whom he must abandon once his responsibility as an eternal calls him to unite with his companions to try to defend the Earth. Of course, his story will be marked by the decisions, responsibility and deep love he feels for a partner he must leave behind.

Eternals It has yet to be released and has barely been seen by a handful of critics, but fans are already disagreeing, calling the film a forced attempt to please the community. woke. They even condemn Marvel Studios for allowing something like this to happen and recommend that no one come to see the film.

One of the reviews found on IMDB says that “if there was a medal for what woke and mediocre »without a doubt Eternals I would win it. It only highlights the qualities of Angelina Jolie and her bearing as the salvage of the entire movie. But there are some who even went further by ensuring that Marvel only ticked boxes to “look good”:

“Stinks. Totally unrecognizable from the comics. All you do is check all the boxes on the Hollywood woke. That seems to be the goal. Don’t tell stories. But that’s not surprising these days. Don’t waste your money. Not worth it”.

Chloe Zhao previously revealed that the idea of ​​including an LGBT character in Eternals It had been around since before she took command of the film. Phastos’s relationship with her husband and the little boy they both raise was a very important part of her character’s motivation, so in the end it is an important element of the story, rather than a box that should be checked. .

“Obviously, [Phastos] lost faith in us [los humanos] For some very bad things we’ve done Then she had to stop looking at us as a whole and look at a person she falls in love with, and a child, to regain the face of humanity “, commented the director. “It is as if we turn on the news and we think it is completely useless. [Pero] then we go home, we look at our lover and our son and say, ‘Well, this is actually worth fighting for.’

Previously the film also received a few raised eyebrows when one of the cast members revealed that Eternals It would be the first Marvel film to show a kiss between two men. He even related that when this scene was filmed, there were many people who shed a few tears in the set due to the historical importance of the moment.

«It is a very beautiful and very moving kiss. Everyone cried on set, ”said Hazz Sleiman, who plays Phastos’s husband. «For me, it is very important to show how loving and beautiful a family can be queer. Brian Tyree Henry is an amazing actor and he brought a lot of beauty to this part. At some point I saw a child in his eyes, and I think it is important for the world to remember thateveryone in the communityqueerwe were children at some point. We forget about that because we are always conceived as sexual or rebellious. We forgot to connect with the human part.

At the moment the IMDB site withdrew the possibility of rating the film to avoid the bombardment of false reviews. The option will likely be enabled once the movie is even closer to release. Eternals It will premiere on November 3 in theaters in our country.

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