Eternals banned in Middle Eastern countries and Angelina Jolie reacts


Angelina Jolie spoke out against the fact that Eternals will not be brand new in some Middle East countries. This very week, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar closed their doors to the anticipated MCU tape, after Disney ignored the request to censor certain scenes. According to sources alluded to by the media, suspicion and the eventual ban stemmed from the presence of a homosexual couple in the film.

Eternals claims to be the first title in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to feature an openly gay superhero. It is about Phastos, one of the members of this group of immortals – called Eternals – who have the task of protecting humanity from alien threats. They also hide their true identity by mixing with humans and living with them. For example, Phastos — played by Brian Tyree Henry — has a family consisting of her husband Ben and their son Jack. In the movie, we even see that this couple share a passionate kiss.

Homosexuality is still illegal throughout the Persian Gulf. This would explain why Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar decided to exclude Eternals of its cinemas. Something similar happened in 2020 with the animated film Onward of Pixar, also prohibited in those countries, in this case, for a simple dialogue where a reference to a lesbian couple was made.

During a recent chat with an Australian portal, Angelina Jolie (who in Eternals embodies the warrior Thena) expressed sadness at the persistent intolerance in the Middle East. However, he applauded that Disney and Marvel did not give their arms to twist in order to reach those markets.

«I am sad for [esas audiencias]. And I’m proud of Marvel for refusing to remove those scenes, “said the actress (via). «I still don’t understand how we live today in a world where there are still [personas que] They would not see the family that Phastos has and the beauty of that relationship and that love. Anyone who is angry about it, threatened by it, who does not approve or appreciate it, is ignorant.

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Last month, director Chloé Zhao was already expressing optimism that Eternals did not undergo any modification due to intransigent censors. «There is a great desire on the part of Marvel and me not to change the cut of the film«, Said the filmmaker in an interview with IndieWire (via). And he also stressed how important it was to show Phastos’s relationship with her husband and son – a homoparental family – in a situation that felt “authentic and real.” Ultimately, this bond strongly influences the character’s motivations.

“Obviously, [Phastos] lost faith in us [los humanos] For some very bad things we’ve done Then she had to stop looking at us as a whole and looking at a person she falls in love with, and a child, to regain the face of humanity, ”Zhao added. “It is as if we turn on the news and we think it is completely useless. [Pero] then we go home, we look at our lover and our son and say, ‘Well, this is actually worth fighting for.’

Eternals It is already in Mexican theaters since last Thursday, November 4. Come on here to read the review of Cine PREMIERE.

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