Escape Room 2: Deadly Challenge – Premiere, Cast and Trailer


Play or die was the premise that the director Adam Robitel implemented when he directed Escape Room: No way out (2019), which became a success after achieving a worldwide box office of $ 155,712,077 MDD whose budget was $ 9 million. Two years later this premise still does not expire and, therefore, the American filmmaker returns with a sequel entitled Escape Room 2: Deadly Challenge under the Sony Pictures label. Next, everything you need to know about the premiere of the film that is already in theaters.

What is it about?

«Escape Room 2: Deadly Challenge is the sequel to thriller psychological horror that horrified audiences around the world. On this occasion, six people find themselves “by chance” locked in a series of Escape Rooms and will gradually discover what they have in common in order to survive, they will realize that they have all played it before. ”

During an interview with Collider, Adam Robitel explained how this sequel went global and, furthermore, how it fitted into the difficult times resulting from the pandemic.

“With this movie, I think the good thing is that we expanded the world, the idea that it’s not just that game in Chicago that we saw in the first movie. It is happening all over the world, that your whole life is unreliable. That you may not have authority over the decisions you make. I think after the pandemic in particular, we all felt that maybe there is a supernatural force influencing our lives and taking things away from us. So I think that’s what I hope the audience takes away, this idea of ​​free will and do we really have control over our lives? ”Said the director.


Escape Room 2: Deadly Challenge features the return of Taylor Russell, Logan Miller. Also starring are Thomas Cocquerel, Holland Roden, Indya Moore, Carlito Olivero, Lucy Newman-Williams and Deborah Ann Woll (True blood; Daredevil), among others.

Release date

Escape Room 2: Deadly Challenge it is already available in national theaters. Check out our guide to Cinépolis and Cinemex releases.

Official poster


Escape Room game
Escape Room 2 movie premiere
Escape Room 2 movie premiere
Escape Room 2 Deadly Challenge

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