El Muerto has only 2 comics: What plans does Sony have for Bad Bunny?


Yesterday during CinemaCon in Las Vegas it was announced that Bad Bunny will give life to Marvel’s first Latino protagonist in the cinema. The singer was chosen by Sony to add a new character to that web of villains from the Spider-Man world, of which Morbius Y Venom They are already part. Since the announcement, the internet has joined the exhaustive search for the origin story of ‘El Muerto’ in the comics, but for many it was a surprise to confirm that it is not fully known, much less extensive.

Marvel fans comment and debate how little material on the character is. To tell the truth, it can be said that the appearance of ‘El Muerto’ in the comics is rather anecdotal with only two published issues, where by the way, he is not entirely a villain of the famous arachnid.

Through social networks, there are several who have commented that there are two publications where the story of the character is told. The first (and only) appearance of him happened in 2006 during the saga Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in numbers #6 and #7. The crossing of him with the superhero and his confrontation above the ring, is by the way an agreed meeting that has nothing to do with a villainous battle.

Since it was announced that Benito Martinez Ocasio would play the character for Sony, the price of the aforementioned comics has increased in price. Some websites (via) list such publications for up to $300. The equivalent of just over 6 thousand Mexican pesos.

Who is The Dead?

the real name of The dead is Juan Carlos Estrada Sanchez. Last member of a family of wrestlers who have fought for generations under the mask and pseudonym of ‘El Muerto’. From a very young age, Juan Carlos refused to continue with the family legacy, and when the time comes to star in a ritual fight against an opponent called El Dorado, our protagonist declines the mandate.

What Juan Carlos does not know is that the mask of ‘The Dead’ is a very special one that gives superhuman powers to whoever wears it. In order to win the title and the mask, it is necessary for him to face El Dorado, but when the latter refuses, he tries to assassinate him. So Juan Carlos’s father launches to defend him and dies in the altercation.

From then on, Juan Carlos decides to take the mask and recover the honor of his family. During ten years of arduous training, ‘El Muerto’ faces several fighters on his way to a face-to-face encounter with El Dorado. His intention is to defeat him so he can unmask him once and for all. During this trip, his path crosses that of Spider-Man.

The above happens in the middle of a strange narrative in which Peter Parker is interested in wrestling to such an extent that he signs up for contests and friendly matches. A narrative briefly touched on by Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. His encounter with ‘The Dead Man’ occurs during a fundraiser organized by J. Jonah Jameson. The latter hopes that the fighter can defeat the arachnid, in order to finally unmask the wall-crawler.

What plans does Sony have with ‘The Dead’?

Given that neither Venom nor Morbius have directly confronted Spider-Man so far, many assume that Sony’s plans are not those. But rather those of creating a cinematographic universe that exploits its licenses on the characters around the arachnid character.

Certainly the story of ‘El Muerto’ could stand on its own without the need to involve Peter Parker and without the need to turn him into a villain. Instead the villain of the film would be El Dorado. However, some fans suggest that “The Dead” along with other characters from the comics will be members of the Sinister Six, in order to confront them with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Although his history is brief, the character from the comics is described as one who speaks predominantly Spanish with little English. This excites many because they consider that it would be the first time that a block buster of this type is spoken primarily in a language other than English.

‘The Dead’ will star the singer Bad Bunny. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter took to the stage of the annual meeting of exhibitors in Las Vegas to present the project. “This is the perfect role for me. It will be epic,” he said excitedly.

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