Edgar Wright confirms Baby Driver 2 script … but may not direct it


Edgar wright has a solid idea for the sequel to Baby driver, but not the motivation to run it. This British filmmaker usually paints a tough line when it comes to giving his films a following. In reality, to date there are no second parts within his filmography. There are not even sequels in the “Cornetto Trilogy”, since Shaun of the dead, Hot fuzz and The World’s End they are narratively autonomous films. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Edgar Wright prefers to resign from the management chair of a potential Baby driver 2.

In a recent conversation with his colleague Cary Fukunaga (via), the mind behind Last Night in Soho suggested that he doesn’t currently have enough interest in the sequel to Baby driver as to decide to direct it. However, it also revealed what would make him change his mind.

«If I did the sequel, and I actually wrote a script already, I would have to find a way to make it fun for me.. The idea of ​​doing a pure photocopy is not interesting because, as you know, these films take at least two years and in our case, due to the pandemic, they took even longer. My rule of thumb is that you have to want to do it for real.Edgar Wright noted.

And I add:

‘I don’t think I’ve ever done exactly the same thing twice in a row. In fact, the reason I decided to do Last Night in Soho it was because at the time Baby driver It came out, it was competing for awards and it got Oscar nominations. I was getting a lot of pressure to jump right into making a sequel. And he just wasn’t ready to do the same story again. It was a conscious thing to change gears.

Baby driver it did indeed compete in three technical categories at the Academy Awards, back in 2018. It currently boasts 92% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as a total gross of $ 226.9 million worldwide. It tells the story of the young driver of a criminal organization, nicknamed Baby (Ansel Elgort), who is a genius behind the wheel, as evidenced by several chases within the film: sequences that are also mounted to the rhythm of a soundtrack fast-paced and heterogeneous.

It would not be surprising that Sony Pictures’ eagerness to build a sequel is the same as it was three years ago, considering the enormous success of the first film. The question is whether Edgar Wright eventually wants to “really do it” – according to his rule of thumb – or does he choose to just provide the script and perhaps serve as an executive producer. If so, who would you choose as director of Baby driver 2?

On the other hand, something Wright always recognized was the feasibility of a sequel. Shortly after the premiere of Baby driver In 2017, the Briton spoke to Empire (via) on what would be the bases of a continuation.

“I think there are more places to go in terms of character, especially Baby,” he said. “With most sequels, you have to come up with something to get them back where they started, unless there’s a deeper place for them to go. I think that with Baby driver there is more you can do in that area. I got the idea that if you did another [una secuela] would you subvert their participation [de Baby] in crime in a different way so that he is no longer an apprentice.

In the summer of 2019, Ansel Elgort revealed that Wright had already shared a script with him for Baby driver 2, although with a different title. “Yes, I think it will happen”, stressed the interpreter of Baby to MTV News (via).

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