Dwayne Johnson identifies with disgruntled DC fans


It’s no secret to anyone that DC fans have been through some bitter years lately when it comes to adaptations of their favorite movie characters. The arrival of Superman, Batman and others, with the intentions of building a shared universe of movies, has been unsuccessful and harshly criticized by critics and audiences in general. Dwayne Johnson understands this situation and since he is also one of the disappointed DC fans, he now promises that his arrival as Black Adam will be cared for to the millimeter.

Thanks to Total Film We now have new images of the character that will turn Shazam upside down in future interactions. But in addition, new statements from the actor also arrived where he tries to reassure the fans, ensuring that they have worked very hard to please all audiences and at the same time respect Black Adam as much as possible.

“You have a chance to build these characters correctly,” Johnson said. “We paid attention to some of the traps that other movies had experienced in the past, in the DC world, and what rightly made many fans unhappy and angry, and as a fan I was one of them ».

For “The Rock” it is important to put audiences first, above any other issue. Of course the actor refers to the past adaptations that there were with DC characters. The so-called DCEU began in 2013 with the premiere of Man of Steel, the vision of Superman woven by Zack Snyder. Although the film was a box office success, this was not the case with critics, nor with a handful of fans.

Later Batman v superman suffered the same fate and the drop of spilled the glass was the great disappointment that resulted Suicide Squad by David Ayer. These lukewarm greetings that little by little were reflected in the box office and that also happened in the shadow of simultaneous successes of the Marvel films, forced Warner to change the strategy.

It was like this Wonder Woman and other subsequent films changed the tone, left the darkness behind, and in this way, were better received. However, the next Black adam with Dwayne Johnson it looks like a return to that early DCEU darkness. And the actor agrees with that stream of fans clamoring to bring back the original plan laid out by Zack Snyder. Still, he ensures that they will be respectful of the character.

“So let’s make sure we respect tradition and mythology, but don’t get creatively handcuffed,” the actor continued. “We can do anything if we keep the audience first. So for me, there is a battle that is going to end one day, between Black Adam and Superman. I don’t know who this Superman will be, and I don’t know who will play him. It’s okay. I don’t need to know now. But i’m sure i know [risas]. And that’s based on what the fans want. Now we work from there.

Black adam It will tell of the character’s awakening after having spent 5,000 years in prison. There are no further details about the plot, but it is believed that snippets of moments located in an ancient time will be told, along with their progress through the modern world until they come face to face with Shazam or Superman.

What is known is that The American Justice Society will play an important part in the film. So much so that there is already a confirmed cast for all of them. Atom Smasher will be Noah Centineo, Hawkman is Aldis Hodge, Cyclone is Quintessa Swindell and Kent Nelson / Doctor Fate will be brought to life by Pierce Brosnan.

Black adam It will hit theaters on July 29, 2022.

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