Dune will return to IMAX theaters in December


To the surprise of many, or perhaps no one, Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic became one of the most significant hits at the box office, in a year in which the pandemic is still doing its thing for the movie business. The demand for Dune It has been so interesting that even now Warner Bros has made the decision (via) to return the film to IMAX screens in the United States.

Behind this decision there are several factors of interest. First of all, remember that the profits obtained directly from IMAX screens represent 13% of all international revenues and 20% of those counted only for the United States. Values ​​that represent no small thing and that will surely be decisive to propel the film to surpass $ 100 million dollars without problems in the US market. Currently Dune has a little more than $ 98 accumulated.

On the other hand, a few days ago it was reported that the film had been removed from the HBO Max catalog, despite the promise of a model in which the films are released simultaneously to theaters and only remain on the platform for a period of one month. Of course we talked about the ways in which Warner’s distribution works in the United States, being that here in Mexico the film has not yet made its debut on the platform.

It should also be considered that the display window of Dune on IMAX screens was extremely reduced, because practically the following week the film had to give up space for the arrival of Eternals from Marvel. It is another film that also showed a good performance at the box office, so neither sharing schedules nor talking.

But perhaps the most important factor and in which moviegoers have the most interest, is the artistic factor. Without a doubt Dune it was probably the most impressive audiovisual show of the year. Anyone used to IMAX screens knows in advance that the experience of watching a film of this type with that format is something important and unrepeatable.

Denis Villeneuve filmed his film from the beginning with IMAX cameras that allow up to 26% more image than the traditional format. The film changes its format in certain scenes, but it is the most spectacular scenes that look best on the big screen. In addition, the sound design of these rooms is superior to that of traditional rooms. Those who managed to see the film in these rooms, know that the sound environment created by the music of Hans Zimmer, was one that took advantage of the potential of IMAX to 100%.

All those in the United States who first saw the film on HBO Max and fell in love with the world created by Frank Herbert, may now consider returning to theaters to see the show in a large format room. Either way, all of this. it will also be a necessary push to drive the film’s campaign ahead of the Oscar nominations.

Dune He has already confirmed a sequel that will begin filming during the middle of 2022. The entire team from the first film will return to complete the story.

For now the rerun of Dune in IMAX it has only been confirmed in the United States as of December 3. But let’s not forget that this was the first case with the returns of The Lord of the rings and Christopher Nolan films in that format, and later they also came to Mexico.

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