Dune Part 2: Premiere, cast and everything we know about the sequel

Denis Villeneuve can be very pleased that the industry has allowed the making and upcoming release of Dune Part 2. Shortly after its first few weeks of debut, Warner Bros and Legendary confirmed through their official channels that Paul Atreides’ journey will continue in a subsequent film.

Much had been speculated about the risk involved in carrying out Dune Part 2 because its premiere, delayed by the pandemic, raised questions about its monetary compensation. Especially after it was reported that Denis Villeneuve’s approach was far from resembling a saga like starwars.

However, prior to its release in the United States and the rest of the American markets, the film earned the not inconsiderable amount of $130 million dollars in Europe. Upon its arrival in American theaters dunes earned $40.1 million dollars during its opening weekend and 1.9 million views on HBO Max, thus surpassing The Justice League by Zack Snyder.

At the end of its commercial run, the film managed to raise just over $400 million dollars worldwide. And he also got excellent numbers and new subscribers for the platform streaming of the company.

What do we know about dunes part 2?

Dune Part 2

Denis Villeneuve will continue in the director’s chair and will also write the script in the company of Jon Spaihts. According to the words of Ann Sarnoff, the film in question has “an incredible production and a compelling narrative”, which has made Warner executives too happy. Reason that there is no reason to replace it and not carry out the continuation of the story.

The most obvious fact that reflects Warner’s plans to have a sequel, is of course the opening title that indicates that dunes it is only the first part of the journey. However, Ann Sarnoff herself also commented in the past that the end is quite ready for a sequel, so within his plans is to continue with the project.

When is Dune Part 2 released?

Image from the movie Dune Part 2.

Denis Villeneuve is ready to shoot the second part and so explained:

“When you make a film in two parts, necessarily, when you make the first part you have to know what you are going to do in the second part. So I will say that I am very ready to go pretty fast. To go fast on a movie of that size you still need to do sets or costumes, so we’re talking months. But if ever there is hype and the movie is greenlit sooner rather than later, I will say I am ready to shoot in 2022. For sure in 2022. I would love to because I am ready to go, and I will say I would love to get it to the screen ASAP. «.

The production of the film will be ready to give the starting signal during the next fall of 2022. With this in mind, the studio hopes that the film arrives in theaters during the month of October 2023.

Cast of Dune Part 2: New and Old

Almost the entire crew from the first film will be back, including its cast. Those returning include Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Stellan Skarsgård and Dave Bautista. However, in recent months the studio has agreed to the participation of new actors.

Among the new ones is Lea Seydoux who will play Lady Margot. Her role is that of a woman acting faithfully in service to the Bene Gesserit sisterhood and one of the few members allowed to marry, much like Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson’s character).

will also be included Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha, the cruel nephew of Baron Vladimir (the role of Stellan Skarsgård) and young heir to House Harkonnen. Supposedly his role will have a great weight in the development of the story. Fans of the novel will certainly be able to corroborate this.

Secondly, Florence Pugh Y Christopher Walken they are also new members of the Dune family. The first will embody the irulan princesswhile Walken will be his father, Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV.

Zendaya will be the protagonist of Dune Part 2

Zendaya in the movie Dune Part 2.

Those who have been able to see the film know that in dunes Chani’s participation, the role played by Zendaya, appears mostly in Paul’s dreams and their relationship would develop in the second part of the story. Yet Villeneuve himself has confirmed that in the sequel, it will be said character who holds the leading role:

“I am honored to present two such explosive talents on screen. [Chalamet y Zendaya] and I can’t wait to film the second part of dunes for them to get back together. Above all, knowing that in the next chapter Zendaya will be the protagonist of the story”.

Hans Zimmer will return to set the story to music

The German composer confirmed his return through his official Twitter account. “The world of dunes keep going. The second part is on the way. Thank God I still have some music left,” she wrote.

His work for the film has been one of the most commented and applauded elements by all those who saw the film. The music not only tells the story through sounds, but also finds a middle ground between the sound design in the construction of a unique atmosphere for the story. The work of the German composer earned him the Oscar for Best Soundtrack.

Denis has a lot of material for the sequel

Despite the fact that the first part is supposedly half of the book written by Frank Herbert, those who are fans of the story know that the film cuts a little beyond the middle, so the second part will potentially adapt snippets from the second novel. subtitled as Messiah.

Denis Villeneuve is also a fan of the book saga and once assured that the first part was just an appetizer of everything he has in mind to explore in a second cinematographic visit to the world of Hebert.

«The difficult task [en la Parte Uno] was to introduce them to this world, the ideas, the codes, the cultures, the different families, the different planets. Once that’s done, it’s now a playground that will allow me to go crazy and really create. I shouldn’t say this, but I’ll say that for me dunes part 1 it’s like an aperitif. Dune Part 2 is the main meal where we can add much more. That is what I can say. As much as Part 1 was by far my most exciting project, Part 2 excites me even more.”

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