Dune introduces all its characters in a new preview


In addition, Denis Villeneuve spoke of the approach he sought with this new adaptation and the possible sequel.

In the context of the Venice Film Festival it reappears Dune, the new science fiction film that will soon hit theaters and has already received its first reviews. What we receive now is a new preview, focused on explaining who its characters are and thus introducing those who have not read the book of Frank Herbert, in this spectacular story.

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“From the beginning, I knew that I would like to focus on some specific elements”Villeneuve commented on his approach in a talk during the festival. Because when you adapt, you necessarily transform. The idea was to be as close as possible to the spirit of the book, to be as close as possible to poetry. I am a huge fan of Dune. It is a book that stayed with me for a long time, for more than 35 years, and it is a book that I know deeply “.

The director also took the opportunity to talk about a reference that he could not include and slipped the theme of the sequel: “I’ll tell you something… there is one thing that hurts me. It’s Gurney Halleck’s baliset. It’s something I filmed. It is something that exists. Josh [Brolin] it was incredible, but for various reasons, I couldn’t put it in the first part “.

The Dune entry introduces all of its characters in a new sneak peek appearing first on Geeky.


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