Doctor Strange 2’s villain has been revealed … in a puzzle


This is not the first time this has happened … and it will surely not be the last. It turns out that a new marketing product, in this case a puzzle, has inadvertently revealed the villain of the Sorcerer Supreme’s upcoming adventure: Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

As always, the secrets of the Marvel movie have been kept with the utmost security. Even Benedict Cumberbatch had to offer interviews for other projects without being able to show his face because his hair, apparently, would also be a great spoiler. Should we be concerned about the solidity of a plot that has the potential to be ruined by something as basic as the protagonist’s hair?

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Be that as it may, now we know who will potentially be the villain of the new installment of Doctor Strange when it hits screens in May 2022.

IGN reported that a user posted an image of a puzzle of Doctor Strange 2 showing the potential live-action debut of Shuma-Gorath. Although the packaging does not directly confirm that it is Shuma-Gorath, anyone familiar with the character could identify him.

villain doctor strange
Milennia’s image in Resetera.

For those who do not know, in the history of comics, Shuma-Gorath is an ancient cosmic being who came to Earth millions of years ago. Eventually he was literally banished by a sorcerer named Sise-Neg. Since then, Shuma-Gorath has attempted to invade and conquer Earth.

villain doctor strange

The Doctor Strange 2 villain entry has been revealed… in a puzzle it was first published on Cinema PREMIERE.


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