Doctor Strange 2: the secrets hidden in the poster


Yesterday Marvel Studios released a new trailer for Doc Strange 2 and with it also a new promotional poster. Of course the multiverse seems to have been unleashed and that will put the whole universe of the MCU in serious trouble. However, this has also spawned a myriad of theories about the possible cameos and surprise appearances we’ll see in the film.

One of the strongest rumors indicated that the Charles Xavier of Patrick Stewart would return to the screen. And judging by what we could see in last night’s trailer, it seems that the leaks are true. Between so much emotion and a host of more questions than answers, Marvel fans began to analyze every detail of the promos. The trailer is the easiest and most obvious to shred. From the Illuminati, the higher Iron Man, Charles Xavier and even Strange and Wanda characters from the zombie universe. All of them assumptions.

However, the poster apparently also hides some secrets. Some people analyzed each pixel with a magnifying glass and found very interesting and undeniable details. One of the strongest rumors surrounding Sam Raimi’s new film is Deadpool’s long-awaited incursion (finally) into the MCU. Those eager for this to happen once and for all have already found the irreverent character on the poster.

Before we get to that, let’s explain that the poster shows Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) trying to stop the disaster. Behind him, the huge characteristic window of the Sanctum Sanctorum flies into a thousand pieces and the pieces of glass jump in various directions. It must be said that this design is quite similar to that of the posters that we saw with the animated series What If…?. But before ensuring that it is a lazy designperhaps it should be considered that we are facing a visual uniformity of the multiverse.

As in the posters of the aforementioned animated series, the pieces of glass show a wide variety of reflected images. Most of them belong to Strange and Wanda and their variants. However, in one of the pieces someone found Deadpool hiding. You can check out the portion of said image below and judge for yourself.

Although certain doubts may still exist about that one, there is another appearance in one of the pieces of glass that is more evident. Other people were able to find a very particular shield, which by the way we also met for the first time in the Marvel and Disney Plus animated series.

It is nothing less than the shield of Captain Carter. That British version of Captain America personified by our beloved Peggy. The shield is made of the same material known to date, but instead of containing a star in the center, there is the flag of Great Britain. The image speaks for itself and we consider that it is something undeniable.

By the way, on the poster we can also find a star that could well belong to Captain America, or to some other character? It seems that we will not stop making theories until the film hits theaters on May 5.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is directed by Sam Raimi. His inclusion as director is a milestone because it marks his return to Marvel since he set up the original Spider-Man trilogy. But above all it results in an exciting choice, due to his experience in horror and suspense cinema. A genre that is noted will be exploited to the fullest with this film.

They’re excited?

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