DOCSMX 2021: Know the unmissable of its programming and activities


In order to support the creation, production and exhibition of documentary film, the Mexico City International Documentary Film Festival (DOCSMX) celebrates its sixteenth edition of the October 14-24, 2021. Within the framework of this celebration, the Official Selection of the festival within two tropics has been announced: Global Docs and Our America; as well as all the details of its programming and activities.

Activities and general information

  • We are nothing, by Javier Corcuera will be the festival’s welcome function.
  • Fanny. The Right to Rock, Bobbi Jo Hart will be the farewell function.
  • 8 competitive sections.
  • 20 national juries.
  • 101 face-to-face functions.
  • 74 documentaries in competition.
  • 24 are debut operas.
  • 30 are led or co-led by women.
  • 26 are Mexican productions or co-productions.
  • 23 are national premieres, 21 are Latin American premieres, and 7 are world premieres.
  • 90 outdoor functions.
  • More than 60 films can be watched for free on the platform on-line of the festival; that is, 61,000 views will be available in from October 14 to 24.
  • 6 face-to-face venues, 5 virtual venues and 20 cinema venues in the city.
  • Doctubre celebrates 10 years with 700 face-to-face functions in more than 100 venues in 25 states.

One, docs, three for me

For 10 years Un, docs, tres por mi (Un, docs, tres por mi) is a space that seeks to collaborate in the creation of new and creative audiences through Mexican childhoods. There will be several activities: Night of stars, the premiere in Mexico of Clarita’s universe and a conversation about the stars with real astronomers and astronomers. They can also enjoy a rally of cinema for children with 26 documentaries from 8 countries, a scientific cinema workshop with a cell phone and the Ibero-American Meeting of girls and boys audiovisual producers, where girls and boys who produce video from 6 countries, such as Mexico, Spain, the United States, Ecuador and Colombia will talk about their learnings and challenges.


Doc Talks

«Doc Talks are spaces in which filmmakers and filmmakers dialogue with the protagonists of their documentaries, civil society organizations, activists, specialists and agents of change about how films promote social changes around these realities and other essential issues, such as human rights, the environment and individual freedoms ”.


Global Docs

«Non-fiction cinema is infinite, just as the reality it interprets is infinite. Stories and characters that do not leave us indifferent because they deserve to be told, portrayed, and because they have a lot to tell us. Big and small things are always happening in the global village, all equally exciting, intriguing and unpredictable. They also happen at the same time, since the speed at which this village moves is overwhelming.

  • Where is Mikel? – Amaia Merino, Miguel Ángel Llamas | Basque Country
  • A New Shift – Jindřich Andrš | Czechia
  • Butterfly’s dream – Jaroslaw Szmidt | Poland
  • Don’t Go Gentle. A Film About Idles – Mark Archer | United Kingdom
  • Once upon a time in the west … of Africa – Romain Potocki | France
  • Lobster Soup – Pepe Andreu, Rafa Molés | Spain
  • We have the night. Journey to the bottom of wanting to live – Jo Sol | Spain
  • President – Camilla Nielsson | Denmark, United States, Norway
  • Room Without a View – Roser Corella | Germany, Austria
  • Silent Voice – Reka Valerik | France, Belgium
  • The Other Side of the River – Antonia Kilian | Germany, Finland
  • Zinder – Aicha Macky | Germany, France, Niger
DOCSMX Schedule 2021
Where is Mikel?

Our America

«Cinematographic views that return to our region, to the Latin America to which we belong, and to which, after all, is our home. This corner of the planet offers us stories of more intensity and richness than we can imagine. Stories with which we have a lot in common, beyond the language. For a long time we have been too aware of the north, of everything that happens there and how it can affect us. It’s time to look south.

  • Mist – José Balado Díaz | Peru
  • Fences – Álvaro F. Pulpeiro | Colombia
  • The silence of the Mole – Anaïs Taracena | Guatemala
  • The zero option – Marcel Beltrán | Brazil, Colombia, Cuba
  • What’s left on the way – Jakob Krese, Danilo do Carmo | Germany, Brazil
  • I will never be the same again – Alice Lanari | Brazil
  • So Foul a Sky – Álvaro F. Pulpeiro | Colombia
  • Stateless – Michèle Stephenson | Dominican Republic
  • The last out – Michael Gassert | Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, United States
  • The River Between Us – Carl Gierstorfer | Germany
  • You are not a soldier – Maria Carolina Telles | Brazil

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DOCSMX Program activities 2021
The last out

Face-to-face venues

  • Iztapalapa Mayor’s Office | Aldama 63, Barrio San Lucas.
  • National Cinematheque | Av. México Coyoacán 389, Xoco.
  • Goethe-Institut Mexiko | Tonalá 43, North Rome.
  • La Casa del Cine Mx | Republic of Uruguay 52, Center.
  • Mexico Park | Av. México s / n, Hipódromo.
  • Pohua Izcalli. School of Community Film and Photography | Economic Reform 52, Political Reform.

Virtual headquarters

  • Docs online
  • Channel eleven
  • Channel 22
  • Channel 14

HERE you will find the complete list of titles whose viewings you can enjoy online and in person. And for more information visit the Official site of the festival.

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