Disney wanted to remove all the profanity from The Beatles: Get Back


In an environment of stress and uninhibited creative process, what is less surprising is that some high-sounding words are manifested. From the unpublished material that he now composes The Beatles: Get Back, the all-new Disney Plus documentary miniseries, it is clear that the Liverpool quartet was no exception when it came to swearing during countless grueling rehearsals. Consequently, according to recent reports, the House of the Mouse considered suppressing that inappropriate vocabulary -for children and family audiences from its platform of streaming– that came out of the mouths of John, Paul, George and Ringo. But fortunately, the members of the group still alive defended that the material be exhibited without any type of censorship.

Director of The Beatles: Get Back, Peter jackson, he asserted in an interview with NME that producers Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Olivia Harrison (George’s widow) provided an honest portrait of the dynamics of the mythical British quartet. Let us remember that the three episodes of the aforementioned documentary explore the day-to-day life of the Beatles, in January 1969, during the conception of the band’s last album.

«Paul describes it [el documental] as very crude. He said, ‘That’s a very accurate description of how we were then.’ Ringo said, ‘It’s true.’ Truthfulness is important to them. They don’t want a whitewash. They don’t want it to be purified, “Jackson told the outlet. «Disney wanted to remove all the profanity and Ringo, Paul and Olivia said, ‘This is how we talked. This is how we talked. This is how we want the world to see us’«.

And the Oscar winner for The Lord of the rings added:

«When they could see the finished thing, I expected notes. It would have been normal to get a note that said, ‘Oh, that part where I say that, could you cut that out or could you shorten the conversation there?’ And I didn’t get a single note. Not a single request to do anything. One of them said he saw it and found it one of the most stressful experiences of his entire life. ‘But I’m not going to give you a note.’

Regarding the rudeness, Disney effectively let them pass, but it did not skimp on warnings. When playing each episode of the miniseries, a notice appears first stating the following: «This film contains explicit language. adult themes and people smoking. Discretion is advised”.

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While it was originally raised as a movie, The Beatles: Get Back It ended up divided into a third of segments; each, lasting between two and three hours. In total, it’s 468 minutes of programming comprised of never-before-seen material from the legendary rock band. And such an unprecedented quality was what motivated the director of the documentary not to shorten its length.

“I would like to say that I did not really omit anything that seemed important to me, so the duration has increased to what it is today,” Peter Jackson confessed to NME. “I felt keenly – and this is my part as a Beatles fan going into action – that anything I didn’t include in this movie would go back to the vault for another 50 years. I was watching and hearing these incredible moments. I thought, ‘God, people have to see this. This is great. They have to see this. ‘

The three parts of The Beatles: Get Back they are already available through Disney Plus Latin America.

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