Disney Plus is editing violent scenes in Marvel series


It is well known that Disney has a very long history of censorship. In his idea that the studio materials must necessarily be for children, on many occasions there are sequences or works whose content is not so welcome in his catalogue. However, when it comes to the Marvel series, it is perhaps more complicated because they are works of greater demand that are also original products of themselves. That does not prevent us from suddenly encountering things like the following. And it is that many network users have reported that Disney Plus is editing scenes of violence in the Marvel series.

Apparently the first victim was Falcon and the winter soldier. Although the series has several scenes of fight, action and blood, it was two very small and inconsequential sequences that received the scissors from Mickey Mouse. During the fourth episode of Showthe heroes face a package of villains in the interest of saving former Hydra scientist Dr. Wilfred Nagel. However, nothing goes according to plan and the doctor perishes in the middle of the conflict.

Previously the scene showed the character on the floor of his laboratory. Eyes open, blood all around. But some hawk-eyed fan who has surely not stopped repeating the series, noticed that there are already differences. Below this paragraph you can see the comparison between the original frame and the new edited frame that appears right now on Disney Plus.

It is worth mentioning that these changes were noticed on the platform in the United States, so perhaps in Mexico or Latin America the scene remains unchanged. It must be remembered that as a result of the arrival of series such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones or punisher, the platform made certain modifications. Now there is a stricter parental control and perhaps it is within this configuration that the sequences tend to change.

Another scene that fans noticed differently is that of the confrontation between Bucky and a woman who is sent along with others to intercept the aforementioned Doctor. In this scene, the Winter Soldier throws a metal tube that is inserted into the shoulder of his opponent. While in the original scene this is clearly visible, in the new edited moment the tube completely disappears.

To tell the truth, it is a montage that does not make much sense. It does not even have it in narrative continuity, much less when viewers observe that other more violent sequences were not touched. Of course we are talking about the one in which John Walker uses Captain America’s shield to commit murder in front of the cameras.

It will be a long time before we understand how regulations work within Disney Plus, which has had them cautiously editing violent sequences into Marvel series. Above all, it is strange because they are moments that do not affect the story and that no one has actually complained about on social networks.

So far it has not been reported that the series that Marvel made in conjunction with Netflix are victims of the scissors. Those are remembered above all for their charged doses of action and violence. Something that fans like a lot, but Disney quite dislikes.

Meanwhile Marvel and Disney Plus premiered their new series. Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac in the leading role tells the adventures of Steven Grant / Marc Spector. A man with two personalities who in turn is the avatar on the Land of an Egyptian Moon God. You can read our review of the first episode here.

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