Director of John Carter describes what his frustrated sequel would have been like


In 2012, Disney released a movie live action of adventure and science fiction that promised to become a profitable franchise. However, the expensive production ultimately did not pay off at the global box office, to the point of not even recovering the colossal budget invested ($307 million). This unfortunate performance led to John Carter didn’t get the sequel that director Andrew Stanton was planning. But curiously, the filmmaker still remembers his proposal with tremendous clarity.

In interview with TheWrap, Andrew Stanton described the prologue and the big reveal that would have been part of the sequel to John Carter. But first, let’s remember that the 2012 film was inspired by A princess of Mars, the first novel in the Martian series written by Edgar Rice Burroughs over a hundred years ago. The film follows the story of the eponymous protagonist, a veteran of the Civil War, who is transported to the “red planet” where fantastic creatures abound in the middle of the war.

Within a potential trilogy, the sequel would have been based on Burroughs’ second novel, The Gods of Mars. And although it is currently a sterile project, the filmmaker has very fresh the plot that he planned for John Carter 2again with Taylor Kitsch in the title role.

«[Con la trilogía] it was going to be that each movie had a different character saying the prologue. The first is Willem [Dafoe]like Tars. The narration of the prologue of the second [película] it was going to be Dejah. And she was going to give anyone who hadn’t seen the first movie a little reminder of the story that led to this one. [segunda] movie,” Stanton explained. “Then you were going to discover that [Dejah] she was telling her baby. And you were going to realize: ‘My God, it’s the boy. He is Carthoris, the son of Dejah Thoris and Carter. He is telling the story of the father this child will never know.’”

According to the director, Tardos Mors (Ciarán Hinds), who is the father of Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins), came on the scene right away and asked her to go to rest. “Let your grandfather have a moment with the boy and I’ll put him to bed,” he would say to his daughter. However, it was immediately discovered that he was not Tardos, but Matai Shang (Mark Strong), who had taken on the former’s appearance to trick Dejah into stealing the baby.

Then the opening credits would start. And the next image after the opening credits was [John] Carter lying in his funeral suit in the middle of the desert, looking like a corpse at a wake and barely waking up,” Stanton added to his description. «He Then he would take off his jacket as if nothing had happened and start walking. Eventually, as taken from Lawrence of Arabiaon the horizon came a Thark in a thoat. And he would surprise Carter by saying that he knew exactly who he was and that someone was looking for him.”

In the same conversation with TheWrap, the filmmaker narrated that the Thark guided Carter to a camp, where Kantos Kan (James Purefoy) was waiting for them. On the other hand, by then Dejah had also disappeared, since “convinced that the Therns took her child”, she had descended the Iss River with the aim of finding Carter.

“Then, as in under the planet of the apes, they all go to Earth to find out who has really been controlling the entire planet. And there is a whole race down there that has advanced technology, “Stanton pointed out before finishing. “Basically, it’s been a third world without anyone knowing about it on the surface. And the first world had been inside all along, operating air and water; all to keep the world running.”

Would you have liked to see that story on the big screen? For now, remember that John Carter It is part of the Disney Plus Latin America catalog.

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