Denis Villeneuve feared they wouldn’t let him direct after Blade Runner


Taking up or reinventing great cinematographic gems – through sequels or remakes – is “a dangerous game.” This is recognized by the prominent Denis Villeneuve, who well knew that he was walking on the edge of the precipice when he agreed to direct Blade Runner 2049. On the Canadian shoulders fell the enormous responsibility of providing a worthy continuation of the myth of the replicants that Ridley Scott brought to the cinema in 1982. And being this one of the most iconic science fiction films, Villeneuve feared that if he failed, his career as director is truncated.

Blade Runner 2049 hit theaters in the fall of 2017, with a clear intention of contesting a spot in the subsequent awards season. However, when it came to box office performance, his commercial run turned out to be a major disappointment. In the United States, the mega production could not reach $ 100 million in collections and globally had to settle for $ 259.3 million.

On the other hand, her audience and critics received her with very good comments. This brought some balance to the perception surrounding the sequel and clearly kept the director’s prestige high. Denis Villeneuve himself referred to his film as “a miracle” in a recent episode of the podcast. Happy sad confused.

«The miracle for me of Blade Runner 2049 is this: I’m still making movies and you’re still talking to me«, Commented (via).

Villeneuve was already positioned in Hollywood when the ambitious project neo-noir knocked on her door. Back then, the world premiere of the thriller was approaching Hitman and the pre-production of the drama was taking place Arrival: two feature films that would eventually deserve ovations equally. But even with such titles in his favor, the director knew that Blade Runner 2049 it was a Russian roulette.

«I knew when I made this movie I was flirting with disaster. I put myself in massive artistic danger“Added Villeneuve. «As Christopher Nolan once told me [aquello era] walk in sacred territory. It’s true. It was a sacrilege what I did. They told me, ‘Don’t do that.’ Just the fact that I’m still here making movies, for me … At least I was not banned from the filmmaking community. It was a dangerous game«.

The sequel would finally be the recipient of almost a hundred awards worldwide. In the 90th Oscar delivery, he aspired to five awards and triumphed in two categories: Best Photography and Best Visual Effects. On Rotten Tomatoes it is 88% fresh.

After to Blade Runner 2049Denis Villeneuve directed another colossal production that also runs the risk of failing at the box office. Nothing is decided yet, but for now, Dune —The film in question— already exceeds $ 100 million at the global box office and has yet to release commercially in China and the United States. The anticipated film will hit Mexican theaters next October 21.

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