Denis Villeneuve criticizes Marvel cinema and Scott Derrickson responds


Almost two years after Martin Scorsese lashed out at Marvel, saying that his films are not cinema but rather comparable to an amusement park, now it was Denis Villeneuve’s turn to present his point of view on the matter. And the relevance, of course, is that his words are not entirely graceful for the cinematographic world commanded by Kevin Feige. To his comments, not only users of social networks and fans of these films jumped to comment, but even Scott Derrickson, a former Marvel recruit who was fortunate enough to introduce the Doctor Strange from Benedict Cumberbatch to the masses.

With the premiere of Dune As an event of increasingly imminence, the Canadian director is presented with the opportunity to open the microphone with great regularity. His adult science fiction film, based on the novels by Frank Herbert, seems like one of the events blockbusters most anticipated of the year and therefore the film’s status as a big budget led him to talks about Marvel and the type of cinematic experience that this studio offers to the public.

According to Villeneuve, there are films with massive budgets that are still relevant only because they come from masters of narrative. From this consideration, he left out the Marvel films to explain the next:

“Perhaps the problem is that we find ourselves in front of many films that Marvel that the only thing they do is ‘copy and paste’ the other ones. Maybe these kinds of movies have turned us into zombies a bit. But there are still big, expensive movies that are of great value today. I don’t feel capable of being pessimistic about it.

According to the director, we would have to look at the golden age of Hollywood cinema to verify that a large budget did not exempt a film from having an artistic proposal that was valuable and that had a certain nuance or political discourse within it. “Who says a big-budget film can’t be relevant at the same time,” he told the director before using the works of Christopher Nolan and Alfonso Cuarón as an example.

About Marvel Denis Villeneuve had already expressed what he thought previously. When he spoke to the French medium Premiere, the filmmaker explained why these superhero tapes obey a mold, apart from the many and diverse directors who have gone through them.

“If we talk about Marvel, the point is that all these films are made under the same mold,” he said. “Some filmmakers can add a bit of color here and there, but generally they are conjured by the same factory. This does not take anything away from those films, but they all obey a format.

In this regard, the former director of Doctor Strange, Scott Derrickson, published some reflections on social networks that were not expressly directed to the also director of The Arrival, but that evidently had some specific direction towards this topic. Derrickson first revived a publication of his own, from last year, in which he condemned the cunning of many film directors who took the time to criticize the work of others.

«As a director, I am not used to criticizing the work of other directors even when I don’t like something they have done. This job is hard enough for all of us and no one ever sets out to make a bad movie. ”

Although later Derrickson was encouraged to write a new tweet in which he defended in a certain way the cinema that Marvel makes and of which he is part of the catalog of filmmakers who have helped to build said cinematographic universe.

“Anyone who thinks that Marvel movies are the same have, a) have not seen all of them and therefore make a mistake in assuming that they are all the same; or b) seen all of them because, in fact, they like to watch Marvel movies.

Denis Villeneuve faces for now the possibility that his space dystopian epic is not successful enough for him to be lucky enough to make the second part. Who have been able to see Dune, they ensure that their official title is actually Dune: part 1 and the director has already chatted with the press about the great enthusiasm he has to take the reins again and design a second part.

Although Warner’s distribution plan – which includes releasing the film in theaters the same day it appears on HBO Max – is not to Villeneuve’s liking, the director will unfortunately depend on the results of the show. streaming to be able to make your second delivery. Previously, internal sources of the study confessed that for Warner for now it will be decisive that Dune generate interest in your virtual platform, rather than at the box office, and that the green light for its continuation will depend on that.

Dune premiered for the first time in the show Venetian with enthusiastic results, but not as enthusiastic as those obtained by other films at the same festival. It will premiere in our Mexican theaters on October 22.

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