Demogorgón vs El Santo: The Stranger Things crossover that no one imagined

Whether it’s the length of its episodes, its impressive production values, or its monumental success, stranger things It has not gone unnoticed since the first part of its fourth season premiered. However, no one imagined that one of the most emblematic figures of Mexican popular culture would be part of this successful series, nor that he would face one of the most impressive creatures in said history. What is Demogorgon vs The Saint?

In order to unite stranger things and Mexican culture, it was decided to create a completely new campaign in which two icons of both stories, Demogorgón (one of the most impressive creatures in the series) and El Santo (the most iconic fighter in Mexico), will face each other in an epic duel. To give it that indispensable Mexican touch, a mariachi is in charge of entertaining the event.

El Santo shot more than 50 films and became one of the most famous figures in Mexican cinema.

El Hijo del Santo, also a wrestler, and who plays his father in the campaign, promoted the release of the short film through his social networks. He also published a rather peculiar synopsis to captivate the public: “During the 1980s, El Santo gave an exhibition tour of the United States; But when it was his turn to fight in the arena in the town of Hawkins, the fight took an unexpected turn. For years, the recordings were kept secret. They are shown for the first time today.

how did it come about Demogorgon vs The Saint?

The short film was made by “Rebolución”, one of the leading production companies in the production of Premium content in Latin America and Europe. The head of this production company is Armando Bo, co-writer of Birdman (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance), and Oscar winner for the same film. Currently, Bo is at the forefront of the campaign and this expressed about the origin of the idea.

“I had wanted to come to film in Mexico for a long time, it is a very important country in my life. I have friends who have taught me a lot in this audiovisual world, even my relationship with Alejandro González Iñarritu began in advertising and culminated in a highly relevant film project. That’s why I like to combine both worlds, one is fast, the other is permanent and takes a long time to achieve. There are very creative people in the field and there are projects like this that really have a lot of productive value.

It’s like a parallel channel that has always worked very well in my career, it’s like a double life. As creatives, we always enjoy when a great idea like this fight comes along, where you can see the work of imagination that those involved take. Client and agency are committed to originality and take risks and I think that when people see it they value it very much”.

So now you know, in addition to facing vampire women and the mummies of Guanajuato, El santo also faced the predator of the Upside Down. Who will be the winner? Gives click here to find out.

The new episodes of the fourth season of stranger things They will arrive on July 1.

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