DC Comics shares first trailer for Injustice movie


The adaptation of the acclaimed DC Comics game, Injustice, presented the first trailer of what the animated film will be.

By far, the animated films of Dc comics they are known to have an exquisite level. It is popular consensus of all the fans who have watched since Justice league war until Flashpoint and it seems that the new installment that is about to arrive will not be the exception: Injustice.

Although we were originally introduced to this story through the successful video game developed by NetherRealm, It seems that the film (or series of films) that DC will release will be based on the homonymous comics of Tom taylor, where the pre-game years are explored. This obviously gives a lot of room to work since we are talking about five years in which Batman and his rebel alliance clashed with Superman and his dictatorial reign.

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The date chosen for the premiere of Injustice, The animated film is on October 19, 2021. It will arrive through digital format and Blu-Ray, but not simultaneously to HBO Max, so they will have to buy it independently to see it.

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