David Lynch Joins Cast Of Steven Spielberg’s Autobiographical Film


Steven Spielberg is already preparing to make his own ROME and in some exciting way unknown to us, David Lynch will be a part of it. The Fabelmans is the name of Spielberg’s next film project. A sort of autobiographical film in which the director will recount bits and pieces of his childhood and particularities of his parents, siblings and relatives.

Although it is not yet confirmed if the film will also be in black and white, like the recent examples that have the same premise, what is known is who will be part of the cast. From Michelle Williams, Paul Dano and Seth Rogen, to the newly added who is none other than the formidable David Lynch.

Before raising your eyebrows in surprise, it is important to remember that the director of Lost Highway he is no stranger to standing in front of the camera. As you may remember, the bizarre filmmaker has starred in several of his projects, such as in Twin Peaks and his 2017 comeback, The Return, where he gave life to FBI agent Gordon Col. He has also lent his voice to animated characters in Family Guy Y Robot Chicken.

The current question is trying to guess what role he will play in Spielberg’s long-awaited film. Especially since, as mentioned Variety, his inclusion in the film is for the purpose of playing a “top secret” role. What is the director playing at Shark?

Supposedly The Fabelmans It will be a capsule of memories about the director’s childhood. In it, the aforementioned Michelle Williams and Paul Dano will be the reimagining of their parents. Meanwhile Seth Rogen will give life to a character that echoes one of the director’s uncles; Gabriel LaBelle plays an aspiring filmmaker named Sammy; and Julia Butters will play Julia Butters, Spielberg’s sister.

The script for this film, with a story set in Arizona, was designed by Spielberg himself, in the company of Tony Kushner. Both already wrote the script for the recent West Side Story. To finish shaping the project, the director of Indiana Jones has already called his usual team, being the cinematographer Janusz Kaminski and his team from Amblin Entertainment, the first to respond to the call.

The Fabelmans will be produced by Universal Pictures and is a fun trivia fact, because it would be the first film the filmmaker and studio have collaborated on since their inception. Munich of the year 2005. The date for such an event is scheduled for November 23, 2022 and that is why filming will begin during the next month of July. Tight schedule? Nothing Spielberg can’t deal with.

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