Daniel Radcliffe bored with opinions on Will Smith and Chris Rock


During his presentation at a morning show, Daniel Radcliffe was asked for his opinion on the “Will Smith” affair. After Will’s run-in with Chris Rock at the last Oscars, it seems that Hollywood only talks about that incident. The press has questioned their own and others about the altercation, but in this case whoever was “the boy who lived” refused to comment on it. Radcliffe declined the offer on the grounds that he was “bored” of hearing so many opinions on the subject.

The young actor is currently in the spotlight for the premiere of an action and comedy film where he shares credits with Sandra Bullock. The lost City It has received the love of critics and the audience, which is why its cast is behind the microphones. It was thus that Radcliffe had the opportunity to take a position regarding the disagreement between Will Smith and Chris Rock. But he decided to stay away from the matter.

“I’m so dramatically bored with hearing people’s opinions on it that I just don’t want to be another opinion thrown in,” Radcliffe said.

Despite his refusal to add to the matter, the actor did speak about the practice of comedy in these types of events. Let us remember that the problem arose from a joke in which Chris Rock took as a starting point the physique of Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Will Smith. The comment was unpleasant for the actor of I’m legendand therefore went on stage to slap the presenter.

About the comedy at the awards Radcliffe did have something to say. The actor said he remembers what it feels like to be sitting in a chair at award ceremonies, waiting for what the host can say. Or the jokes he can make at the expense of others.

“When you’re a kid, you’re never sure if the joke is on you or if you’re the butt of the joke,” Radcliffe said. “So you have to get into a mode of, ‘I’ll keep smiling and laughing and maybe it’ll be over soon’«

Although Radcliffe has never been nominated for an Oscar, he has been a participant in various award galas. Not only in Hollywood, but also and especially at the BAFTA Awards. The British Industry Film and Television Awards.

In his quest to put the Harry Potter persona behind him, audiences have watched as Radcliffe has stuck his neck out in diametrically opposite roles. From characters in survival films, biopics, black comedy, and even a corpse, almost inert. Perhaps that is why the public is betting coins on the actor replacing Hugh Jackman in the reinvention of Wolverine.

“I keep getting asked about it and I always try to say, ‘No, it’s not happening, it’s just a Twitter rumor,'” the actor said. “And everyone keeps taking that as confirmation. But it’s just fan theory at this point. But I appreciate the comparison. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be compared to Hugh Jackman?

Daniel Radcliffe thinks that the rumor has already reached Marvel and Marvel has not the slightest interest in continuing down that route. Therefore, he focuses his efforts on other interesting and challenging roles such as the biopic from Al Yankovicwhich will premiere at some point this year.

Daniel Radcliffe’s entry bored with opinions on Will Smith and Chris Rock was first published in Cinema PREMIERE.


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