Daniel Craig didn’t know it’s a viral meme every weekend


Anyone who has Twitter knows that every Friday in a religious way, it is common to find Daniel Craig’s video meme as presenter of Saturday night Live, where he announces the singer The Weeknd. Users of the social network share the clip to welcome the weekend in a ritual that has become a funny obligation of the network.

In the video the actor prostrates himself in front of the camera and says “Ladies and gentlemen … The Weeknd.” In the context of the program, it was the second time that the actor made a prelude to the singer before his musical presentation. So with a bored face and an indifferent expression with his arms, he announces the arrival of the singer of “Blinding Lights”.

The segment of just five seconds is so funny, that some creative of the networks happened to publish it every time the entrance of the weekend approached, as a show of service to the community.

Thus, the Fridays of each week are not complete for anyone if we do not find at least once in the feed the expressionless and sarcastic face of the actor announcing that the weekend has the green light. The situation is so viral and is so common among the followers of any language, that anyone would think that Craig himself would be aware of the joke, but curiously that is not the case.

Recently, during his time with the press on the occasion of the new 007 movie, Daniel Craig was questioned by a reporter who mentioned his meme status for the weekend and the surprised actor acknowledged that he was not aware of the matter.

Do they? It’s amazing. I don’t know what that is, but thank you, ”he said. That’s lovely. I guess I would have to have social media to find out what this is all about. “

Daniel Craig is one of the many celebrities who does not use social networks and therefore remains oblivious to viral trends. Although their comments do generate some conversation. Just a few days ago he ruled that the James Bond character would not necessarily have to be a woman, since characters can be created for them.

Craig finally says goodbye this week to the English secret agent, after fifteen years of having remained in the skin of the character. Despite multiple delays, No time to die has arrived in theaters celebrating the farewell of the actor and professional critics have received the film with very good comments.

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