Dakota Johnson talks about the Johnny Depp case and the culture of cancellation

In the framework of the trial for defamation between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, a video viralized on social networks caused the histrion dakota johnson It was an inadvertent part of the conversation. Of course, four weeks have passed since that legal conflict ended in favor of Depp. However, the topic will not stop generating debate. “Who assaulted whom” or “who deserves to be canceled and who doesn’t” are the kind of questions that will forever fuel Twitter. And this week, a strong statement emerged from the actress of Fifty Shades of Grey regarding the aforementioned trial, regarding the video that threatened to involve her and regarding the culture of cancellation.

The video in question is a fragment of the press conference of BlackMass at the 2015 Venice Film Festival. Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp, who shared credits in that crime movie, sat side by side, and at a certain point in the event, the actor puts his right hand on the table to expose a bandaged finger The actress reacts to her colleague’s injury, and the two exchange a couple of inaudible words that make Johnson laugh. Seconds later, her face turns serious, which some netizens—reviewing that clip seven years later—interpret as the actor suspecting there was something more sinister behind the injury.

During the recent defamation trial, one of Depp’s most notorious testimonies was that, in 2015, his then-wife Amber Heard threw a bottle of vodka at him, seriously injuring his middle finger. It is not surprising then that the clip of her with Dakota Johnson resurfaced and ended up becoming so viral, to the point that the actress feared that she would be called to testify, as she revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair.

“I was like, ‘For God’s sake, why? Why am I involved in this? I don’t remember that at all, but please get me out of this. Don’t let this go any further. Can you imagine if I was called to the witness stand?’” she commented.

In any case, Johnson took advantage of the turn that the talk took to express his feelings about a very particular aspect of the Depp vs. trial. Heard: The fact that it was broadcast live, to the delight of all the gossip-hungry people.

«I can’t believe people were watching [el juicio] as if it were a show. It’s like it’s a courtroom drama and my heart breaks. It’s very, very, very crazy. Humans are too weird. The internet is a very wild place.«.

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BlackMass (2015)

The Internet, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are three themes that cancel culture has in common. That is to say, there are social network users who demand the head of a celebrity for allegedly acting improperly, and both Depp and Heard have been (or continue to be) that personality that walks on the edge of the precipice.

«In terms of cancellation culture, what I struggle with is the term ‘cancel culture’: the whole concept behind canceling a human being, as if they were a dateJohnson told Vanity Fair. «There will be no person who does not make mistakes in his life. The point of being alive is to figure it out… Hurting other people, hurting other people is not okay. There are consequences for those actions. But the concept of the ‘Twitterverse’, which dictates if someone suddenly doesn’t exist anymore, is horrible, heartbreaking and wrong.«.

And I add:

“I think it will happen. I think ultimately people want to live in a better world. Also, Twitter brings together like, how many? 12 percent of the world? I mean, some of these people can’t even spell.”

Dakota Johnson stars Persuasion, the upcoming adaptation of the homonymous novel by Jane Austen. It premieres next July 15 in the Netflix catalog. Come in here to see the trailer and learn more about the production.

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