Dakota Johnson described the terrifying gift Hitchcock gave her mom, Melanie Griffith

In recent days, Dakota Johnson has given much to talk about. The promotion of Persuasionher new film, has been the perfect pretext for the actress to talk about her career, the difficult times she went through in the franchise Fifty Shades, and delve into certain statements from the past, especially regarding Alfred Hitchcock. Despite his undeniable talent, the director of such classics as Psychosis either Birds He has a dark side that is rarely talked about. And yes, according to Dakota Johnson, Melanie Griffith was traumatized by Hitchcock himself.

In a recent interview (via), Johnson spoke about the influence Hitchcock still has over his family, and it’s not exactly a flattering one. Her grandmother, fellow actress Tippi Hedren, was one of the director’s favorites, and for many years she became the object of his fascination.

“(Hitchcock) was talented and prolific and important when it comes to art, but power can poison people.”

Melanie Griffith, mother of Dakota Johnson, was traumatized by the gift received

The actress implies that this “poison” has haunted her family for generations. Thanks to her closeness, Hitchcock caused terrifying moments for everyone. Among them is a Christmas where Melanie Griffith received one of the scariest gifts a girl can receive: Hedren’s replica in a miniature coffin.

“It was alarming, dark and very, very sad for a girl. It’s very scary. Can you imagine the psychological effect? Hitchcock was very rare, a very rare man.”

However, that was not the only traumatic moment caused by the director. Hedren and Hitchcock’s professional relationship was explored in The Girl. In this film, Sienna Miller plays Johnson’s grandmother and Toby Jones plays the also known as “Master of suspense”. During it, it is implied that the famous director exercised violence and harassment on the actress, a situation that was very traumatic for all those involved.

Toby Jones and Sienna Miller as Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren

“My family and I sat down to watch the movie together. It was one of those moments where you wonder “how come you didn’t tell us? Maybe there should have been some previous conversation? You look to your side and you see the woman who has just been reminded of everything that happened, it was hopeless.

For those who don’t know, Dakota Johnson has pointed to Alfred Hitchcock as the person responsible for “ruining” her grandmother’s career, all because she didn’t want to sleep with him. Thanks to the power of the director and the fact that the term “sexual harassment” was not known or used at the time, the case was never properly touched upon.

The Dakota Johnson entry described Hitchcock’s terrifying gift to her mom, Melanie Griffith was first published in Cinema PREMIERE.

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